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Happy Birthday Isha!

No description

Mansi Narula

on 27 July 2013

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Transcript of Happy Birthday Isha!

Of course, when theres part 1 theres always a part 2!iIF
Of course, when theres part 1 theres always a part 2!
Now your my friend........
Remember how we used to be....
So rude, mean and filled with jealousy...
Enemies, both we were...
Talked to each other? Oh ya sure...
Argued was basically all we did...
Both of us we wanted to rid....
Never did I think I'd visit your place...
Or work with you in class trying to catch your pace...
But then I started playin with you at recess...
And talking to you in class..
We had a lot in common, which is what I had realized...
To see how nice you were inside, ya I was surprised...
Besides the fact you swear at me and insult my sense of style :P.....
You always have a little thing that has to make me smile...
All the arguments I had with you were funny but them I try to mend...

For now, you are a special one, yes now you are my friend!
A little virtual gift from:
Mansi and Anahat

Three's A Charm!!
An original...
Cannot be replaced...
Now this is what you call:
Happy Birthday!

You have seen the poem....
You have seen the pics.....

What do you think?
Its over?
If you think that..
Than you don't know us quite well yet...
There is still more my friend......
Presenting to you now:
Is a little gift from us...
Hope you like it! :D
Now its over!
Aren't you forgetting something?
Oh ya!
Our bad, still 1 more surprise to go!
But then, again we would like to say 1 last thing!
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