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In-Class Essay & Essay Test Preparation

A Montgomery College Germantown Writing Center Workshop

Allison Hutchison

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of In-Class Essay & Essay Test Preparation

Practice Writing Outside of Class
Time yourself
Practice helps decrease stress levels
Write your own questions or use ones from textbook
The Brief Bedford Reader
has a section in the back of many chapters entitled, "Suggestions for Writing."
In-Class Essay & Essay Test Preparation
A Germantown Writing Center Workshop
Why oh WHY an in-class essay?!
Tips for Preparing Yourself
Take Thorough Notes
Come to Class Prepared
Plan Your Time
Tests critical thinking skills
Demonstrate you've mastered course objectives
Analyze and synthesize learning materials
Develop and support original ideas
Bring supplies for success
(check with your professor first):
USB or thumb drive
pens and pencils (at least two)
watch or timing device
Create a schedule that includes planning, drafting, and revising
do not skip this step (at least 5-10 min.)
Spend the most time on this
Save at least ten minutes at the end for this
Use a timing device to stay on schedule
Rest, eat, and dress appropriately
Ample amount of sleep
Eat a regular, balanced meal (protein, vitamins B and D)
Dress in layers
Open-note tests and essays
Note-taking skills: Reading courses and the Writing Center
"[O]nce you learn and incorporate solid note taking methods into your study strategies, you will find immediate improvement in the speed and accuracy of your learning for college classes" (Evans Carter, p. 396).
Sample Schedule for 75-min. class:

2:00-2:15: Outlining/prewriting
2:15-3:05: Drafting
3:05-3:15: Proofreading (finding errors) and editing (correcting errors)
Choose a Pattern of Organization
Using words in the essay prompt or question(s) you're given, decide how to organize your essay or paragraph.

cause/effect or compare/contrast
Discuss or Explain:

definition and example or example/illustration
chronological, order of importance, or spatial
Remain Calm
Don't panic! Try this:
Close your eyes or look out a window
Breathe deeply and count to ten
Restroom or water fountain break
Drink water
Review outline and use it like a checklist
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