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Think Create Share Grow for PTA Presentation

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Transcript of Think Create Share Grow for PTA Presentation

make inquiries
read for information
take notes
organize information
ask more questions

communicate understandings
contribute to the exchange of ideas
use information ethically and responsibly
apply products to real-world contexts
use skills in new ways
display curiosity
express personal learning
draw conclusions
create new products
"This is fun!"
"When are you
coming again?"
"We appreciate
you coming."
"I wouldn't have tried this on my own."
"The librarian helped us use our information."
Odyssey 4th Grade
Shadow Valley 3rd Grade
Mt. Ogden 7th Grade
Dee 4th Grade
Horace Mann 3rd Grade
Wasatch 6th Grade
Gramercy 5th Grade
Taylor Canyon 4th Grade
Md. Fort AVID
T.O. Smith Kindergarten
Highland Library
Bonneville students before school.
Odyssey Library
Ben Lomond students during lunch.
Heritage 2nd Grade Weather Unit
Polk Kindergarten @ Family Literacy Night
Ben Lomond Library
Lincoln students in the library.
"Google apps changed my life!"
Ogden High 12th Grade Bill Project
"I want to study medicine and health."
James Madison 3rd Grade
"Thank you for helping
us out. I hope you'll
teach us again."
Feeding into the roots are the
school libraries and...

District Teacher Librarians
...the skills students have learned
in the classroom and in life.
George Washington 12th Grade
Hillcrest Kindergarten
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