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St Laurence School 6th Form Info Day Students

What is the application process?

James Matcham

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of St Laurence School 6th Form Info Day Students

The Sixth Form Where are you heading? A typical week in the 6th form? Why school not college? What should you be doing now? How do you apply? More than A'Levels How suitable are you? 4 subjects
16 lessons
1 Enrichment
3 Private Study myths fewer is not easier
'free time'
attendance our knowledge of you
only two years
full time teachers
opportunities academic success
home/school relationship research,research,research discuss mock exams Before Mocks - fill in forms 4 choices option blocks Interview Observation enrichment
6th form centre A' Levels
GCSE Induction Options Education •To extend your current experiences of enjoying life and learning at school
•To focus more on the subjects you enjoy
•To raise the standard of your qualifications for an increasingly competitive world of work
•To develop the independent study skills and academic ability required for study at University Why Sixth Form? Why St Laurence Sixth Form? St Laurence has much to offer you:
The natural choice in a successful Sixth Form
A wide range of courses and pathways open to many students
A successful track record of A level results and university destinations
The variety of leadership and enrichment opportunities available to all
The good teaching and positive feedback There are several points for you to remember:
Make time to look into the courses properly and choose carefully
Seek out information and advice
Talk and listen to others
Think about what you currently most enjoy and where it would transfer to Sixth Form courses
Weigh up the breadth v depth of learning How do you choose? Next Steps Complete and return the application form by the deadline - Nov 20th
Complete the 'Options' On-line Assessment- Before end of Jan
Attend Sixth Form Interview- January and February
Confirm choices
Attend Sixth Form Induction Day- July
If necessary, come to GCSE results clinic.- August
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