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Avoiding Plagiarism: A Primer

July 22 2015

Nancy Bellafante

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of Avoiding Plagiarism: A Primer

The act of taking someone's work or ideas & passing them off as your own.
Not just students are accused!
Types of Plagiarism
Ghost Writer
Labor of Laziness
Perfect Crime
sources NOT cited
sources ARE cited
Why is it important?
Adds credibility to your arguments
Evidence of hard work
Ethically, it is the right thing to do!
Allows reader to find your sources
Anne Theresa De Keersmaeker , choreographer
I’m not mad, but this is plagiarism...
This is stealing.
Beyonce Knowles
It was one of the inspirations used to bring the feel and look of the song to life.
Avoid Plagiarism
Be Organized
When in doubt: CITE
Save ALL sources
Save ALL versions of paper to show progression
Start early!
Good note-taking
info ethics
Is Beyonce a Plagiarist?
Beyonce's video
De Keersmaeker's videos
Someone else writes the paper
Lots of info copied from 1 source
Copying from several sources
Paraphrased info from many sources
Author copies info from his/her previous work
(but something else is wrong!)
but NOT in the paragraphs.
Sources listed at
the end of paper
Inaccurate citation
(wrong or missing info)
No quotation marks
around copied words
Cites some but not ALL sources
....And use library databases!
and ask for help
Use a separate file for notes (not your paper)
Use different colors and/or labels to distinguish between your ideas and ideas from source (Quote, Paraphrase, Summary, My Idea)
Copy and paste source information in notes and worry about paraphrasing it later - but do label it and put quotation marks around the info.
Write source information at the top of the page (Author, title) and place the notes below
Watch split screen comparison...
are dance moves inspired or copied?
Oh no she didn't!!
Any time you quote, paraphrase, or summarize someone else's words or ideas
When to Cite
Any time you use a part of someone's creative work - words, data, art, images, charts, music, videos, ...even dance moves!
The Answer: in 2 places
Where to Cite
FIRST: At the point in your paper you use the source material.
SECOND: At the end of your paper in your list of references
Answer: Often
What do you think?
click link to vote
Identify Authors
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