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Holes-Louis Sachar

Change Assignment

Ankitha Shashidhar

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Holes-Louis Sachar

Holes By Louis Sachar "Holes" -Louis Sachar. Lots of mysteries, curses to be broken. Protagonist-Stanley Yelnats. Stanley Yelnats Called "Zero" for most of his life, instead of his actual name Hector. How does Stanley's character change and relate to us in our lives? When Stanley goes to the camp, to fit in he follows the lead of the other boys, especially X-Ray. Zero (Hector Zeroni) Zero's change that relates to us Zero goes through change. Summary To end with... We may have experienced some types of change similar to Zero. Stanley Yelnats, main character, arrested for a crime that he didn’t commit. He "stole" a famous basketball player's shoes. Choice is given to either go to Camp Green Lake or prison. Camp Green Lake opposite to its name. Once held the "Largest lake in Texas". Now, dry and barren. At Camp Green Lake, they have to dig holes. Something "interesting" or "valuable" is found, get the rest of the day off. With his new friends, Stanley discovers a hidden world that involves secrets, friendship and curses. Unlikely Hero. His family is "cursed". Not a lot of self-confidence. Not easily depressed. Soon develops physical strength and personal strength. Gains confidence to stand up for his friends and obtain rights. Mother abandoned or lost him when he was young. He is homeless for most of his life, uneducated. He does not talk much and because of this, he gets teased by everyone, including Mr Pendanski. Zero runs away from Camp Green Lake because he constantly has a hard time. Stanley goes after him. They became good friends. Zero apologises to Stanley because he was the actual person who stole the shoes. Stanley was just unlucky to catch it. He makes a lot of friends. Shown when one of the boys calls Stanley "Caveman" at the start of the book. He does this because the boys accept Stanley as a part of the "group". Experienced change since he was a toddler. Zero minds his own business. It may be someone that was close to us eg. best friend, grandparent. May be hard to accept. If we don't it will not let us move on. Not moving on will stop opportunities that will come . It will be ignored by yourself. Why is understanding change an important part of our lives? By Ankitha Shashidhar 8D -Follow someone if unknown surroundings. -In order to fit in. -We want to be accepted. -If we are, feel welcome. Texts show different types of change. They relate to us most of the time. Teach us lessons. Teaches us how to move on and react. Thanks for watching :D By Ankitha Shashidhar 8D Character analysis Character change How it relates to us You must be the change you wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better. -Richard Hooker Holes- trailer :)
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