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William Henry Pope

No description

serena rexi

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of William Henry Pope

Fathers Of Confederation
Why did they want Confederation/ Their motivation
William obviously wanted confederation because he strongly supported it by doing many things to help it like going to conferences and actually being the best at persuading people better than anyone else in his party. In my opinion I think he really enjoyed being apart of confederation. One reason why he might have wanted confederation is because since P.E.I was having financial issues, he might have wanted confederation to happen so he could help them get out of their financial issues.
Contribution to Confederation
Popes contribution to confederation was supporting confederation even when he wasn't even in the Conservative party. He also was campaigning Confederation through letters and re-building the Conservatives into a Pro- union party. He also was throughout his years of being in confederation considered to be the most influential member of his party which probably made him a very big part in confederation.
Conferences they Contributed in
The conferences William Pope contributed in were the Charlottetown Conference and the Quebec conference. William Popes position in confederation was Pro-Confederation. During the Charlotte town conference, P.E.I representative William Henry Pope had to handle receptions by himself, including rowing out to greet the new arrivals. During the Quebec conference he advocated for confederation. P.E.I wasn't apart of the London conference because they rejected the resolutions which didn't let them in the union.
William Henry Pope
Born: May 29, 1825
Birthplace: Bedeque, P.E.I
Death Date: October 7, 1879
Reason for Death: He had a stroke
Political History
William Henry Pope was a lawyer, land agent, journalist, politician, and a judge. He had received his early education in Prince Edwards Island ( P.E.I) and proceeded to higher studies in England from which his father had emigrated from in the year 1819. Throughout the 1850's Pope became very involved with the Conservative Party. He officially began his political career in 1859.
Colony/Province they Represented
William Henry Pope belonged to the Conservative party. The Province/Colony he represented was P.E.I. He was born and raised in P.E.I and joined confederation in 1873 (the year it started).
Pros and Cons for Confederation for their Colony/Province
When P.E.I joined confederation/ Under what terms did they

PE.I joined confederation in 1873. The main reason why P.E.I ended up joining confederation was because they needed to get out of financial problems. After they joined the Canadian government agreed to provide it subsidy.
-Some pros were that there was a
greater defense against attacks,
railway system, and demolition of
trade barriers.
-Canada could pay off P.E.I's
debt if they joined
-Canada would build them a bridge
called "The Confederation Bridge"
which would join P.E.I and Canada
-They would be part of a bigger
group and more safe from attacks
especially from America
-Some cons were that Nova Scotia wouldn't benefit from railway, there would be less say in government, and french in Quebec worried about becoming an even smaller minor
- If P.E.I didn't join confederation than they would suffer from debt, low population, and isolation.
P.E.I Map
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