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No description

Oscar Sanchez

on 29 November 2014

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Transcript of SOLAR ENERGY

How is your resource used to generate power?
Solar energy has been used for more than 5,000 years.
They say that people worshiped the sun.
They worshiped the sun because of all the sun gods.

our resource is used to generate power by using the sun to make most of our items work.
Where is it being used right now?
what is the history of your energy source?
It is being used every where in the world by lots of people.
What are the positive benefits?
what are the negative consequences?
One consequence is it cost lots of money.
Another is it may consume hazardous waste.
How efficient would this resource be compared to fossil fuels?
Solar energy is very efficient because 1. more people are getting jobs in the solar energy marketplace. 2.solar panels have had consistent drop in prices. 3.instalations are escalating at an exciting rate etc....
where would be the ideal location in the United States to set up your company?
The ideal location is probably be the desert where the sun will shine almost the whole year. San Jose would be a good place to have this company.
Is this energy source available in your community?
Yes it is available in our community because it is solar energy.It comes from the sun.
We have lots of sun in San Jose.
Is it available in your state?
Yes there it is in fact there is one solar panel in almost each city. (Almost)
all information of off www.wikipedia.org
One benefit is it helps slow/stop global warming.
Also saves society billions and trillions of dollars.
Last it saves you money.
What is the cost of your energy source?
Home installations cost cost $18,000-$40,000 for 3 to 7kilowatts.
Solar panels cost $4,500 to $12,000. Also it costs $4.75 er watt
But your power bill will drop significantly.
How is the source provided to consumers?
It is provided to them by buying solar panels and the sun then hits the solar panels which gives you electrical energy.
How does it enter the house? The school bus? How does it work?
How would it effect transportation?
It does not effect it today but it might effect it in the future.
It enters the house by someone buying a solar panel and putting it on their house.It enters the house when the sun shines on it.Then it goes through the house.It enters the school bus by putting a solar panel on it.It works by putting a solar panel under the sun and by the sun shining on it
Does it contribute to any form of pollution? land? water? air? noise? or does
it help fix pollution?

Will it be easy to assimilate into our lives?

No it doesnt contribute in any of these in any way today but mabye in th future.
Can it work well with other forms of energy?
Yes it does it works well with other energy forms. Such as wind nuclear etc...
what is the source? what is the form? How does it interact with other forms of energy?

It will make it easy to assimilate into our lives because it comes from the sun.
sun-->solar energy-->solar panels-->electrical energy

The Solar Friendly co.
by:Oscar Sanchez #27, and Brian Maldonado #19,
location: San Jose,CA
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