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The Death of ANNA Garcia

No description

Molly Benne

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of The Death of ANNA Garcia


Long Term
better management of diet (decrease cholesterol and glucose increase vitamins and proteins)
limit stress
visit doctor regularly
frequent exercise
wholesome diet
better monitoring of health state
Short Term

call an EMT or other emergency medical professional
notify others that have a major or minor role about health conditions
better monitoring of relationship between blood glucose levels and insulin
Anna died at 7:00 a.m. on August 14, 2012
manner of death: natural causes
Cause of Death: DKA (ketoacidosis)
there was an imbalance of insulin in her body causing her to become hyperglycemic: 280 mg/Dl
evidence of ketones in her urine
many factors contributed to her death such as poor diet, (high amounts of carbohydrates, low amounts of vitamins), genetic diseases, cardiovascular and circulatory complications
High blood glucose levels
A1C 11%, high
Imbalance of insulin in her system
Chest pain
High LDL levels
Risk Factors
Mild peripheral vascular disease
Sickle Cell
Familial Hypercholesteremia
Mitral valve prolapse
Right coronary occluded
Left ventricular hypertrophy
Heart murmur
Poor diet
Affected Body Systems and Organs
Endocrine System
: pancreas. cannot secrete the hormone insulin causes the incapability of metabolizing glucose, the malfunction of insulin receptors on cell surfaces and glucose transport proteins causing type 1 diabetes, more susceptible to high glucose levels due free floating and in-digestable glucose contributing to ketones
: blood vessels (veins and arteries) major palque buildup caused by poor diet and familial hypercholesterimia causes athersclerosis and eventually causing bockage in left anterior descending coronary artery, 80% occluded right coronary artery, also evidence of mitral valve prolapse and left ventricular hypertrophy caused by high blood pressure which does not help in her case of sickle cell anemia reduces normal bloodflow
: nerves and nerve fibers in the lower extremities. Necrosis (the death of most or all of the cells in an organ or tissue due to disease, injury, or failure of the blood supply) in the legs and feet. diabetic neuropathy (common serious complication of diabetes where there is damage to nerves in the body that occurs due to high blood sugar levels from diabetes)
: urinary tract, Urinary tract infection kept antibodies controlled on the infection caused flu like symptoms
Biomedical Professionals
Endocrinologist: Monitor Anna's diabetes administer correct medication Check A1c levels every three months, glucose tolerance testing, insulin level testing, help Anna adjust her carb:insulin ratio, analyze the effects of diabetes on other body systems of Anna's
Cardiologist: Monitor heart function with EKG, ECG, blood pressure measuements (sysotlic and diastolic), heart rate monitor, monitor heart diseases such as atheroscelerosis, sickle cell, familial hypocholesterimia, left ventricular hypertophy, develop possible solutions for mitral valve prolapse; Insert stent into coronary artery and insert pacemaker.
By: Michael Schimidt, Molly Benne, Cassidy Knoezer Team Freshie
The Death of Anna Garcia

Connection to Each Unit

Unit 1 The Mystery: introduced to the clues of Anna Garcia's death, gain insight of her responsibility and relationships in life and how this affects her health and decisions she makes regarding her health, at the crime scene the effects of limited consciousness due to diabetic shock is seen when Anna misses the injection sight for insulin and this results in Anna hitting her head on the table
Unit 2 Diabetes: what type of diabetes Anna has and how this not only affected her throuhgout adulthood but also thorughout her childhood eventually her neglicgence towards diabetes health and causes serious circulatory problems contributing to the malfunction of other body systems and their organs
Unit 3 Sickle Cell: Anna cannot exert as much force, tires very easily, pose as a factor that makes the cardiovascular system work harder, increase blood pressure, the shpe of these red blood cells makes it harder for blood to travel around the body and white blood cells
Unit 4 Heart Disease: main factor that contributes to her death, decrease in good blood flow, sickle cell, atherscleorsis, familial hypercholosterimia, left ventricular hypertrophy, heart murmur, and mitral valve prolapse which could have led to serious problems for Anna.
Unit 5 Infection: lack of immunity due to meatbolic syndrome white blood cells cannot travel efficienty through the blood stream and especially urinary tract when serratia marcessens
Unit 6 Post Mortem: through Medical Histories, Autopsy reports and Anna's health state the cause of death is determined
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