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englsh project

Jason Kuang

on 8 December 2009

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Transcript of Prep

Social Groups Prep Monsters Who is the most powerful?

Prep Monsters aka I'm better than you jerks The Elevators aka Potheads Penguineers aka Pantsaggers There is a large population of them and they usually take over most of the school activites (ie. leadership team, SGA, newspaper crew, homecoming/prom committee, etc.)
Who clashes with who? The Rampers aka Emotional Kidz There usually are no problems between the social classes but when they do collides, the Penguineers will often have trouble with the Rampers due to different 'Beliefs'. How can this group be physically identified? What clothes do the members wear? What haircuts?
They usually wear anything that comes from hollister, american eagle, or abercrombie&fitch. most of the time they're the tall, slender girls, with straightened hair or the built guy with a clean cut or shaggy, surfer hair.
What is important to this group? How can an outside observer tell?
What's important to the them is their friends and hanging out with them, mostly partying. you always see them travel in packs, they're never alone. they like to gossip about the drama within their clique.
What dating rituals does this group participate in? How are the males and females of this group different?
during homecoming these people like to "go out of the box" they ask their dates by thinking up original and interesting ways to say "will you be my homecoming date?" other than that, it's the typical.."will you be my girlfriend?"
How does this group interact with members of other groups, both those less powerful and more powerful? With violence? Contempt? Fear?
They usually feel superior to other groups in the school because they believe that they "rule the school". mainly because they are involved with most school activities and very school spirited. they don't use violence or fear, they mostly just give off this attitude/vibe - "i'm better than you, respect me" but no one gives a care.
What is your prediction for how this group will fare once high school is over? Why do you think so?
They'll go off to one of to either JMU, VT, WVU, or UVA. They'll also come back to high school to see their younger friends and attend football games once in awhile. One thing for sure is that they will never lose contact with their friends because they are heavily bonded.

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