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..EXPO 2020..

No description

Anas Javed

on 31 December 2013

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Transcript of ..EXPO 2020..

..EXPO 2020..
The Great Exhibition, held in London in 1851, inaugurated World Expos as the hallmark events of a world aspiring to strengthen its connections, celebrate its cultural diversity and marvel at its technological wonders.
Today, World Expos remain a key meeting point for the global community to share innovations and make progress on issues of international importance such as the global economy, sustainable development and improved quality of life for the world’s population.

Every five years, World Expos attract millions of visitors who explore and discover pavilions, exhibitions and cultural events staged by hundreds of participants including nations, international organisations and businesses.

Each World Expo is a catalyst for economic, cultural and social transformation and generates important legacies for the host city and nation. For instance, Shanghai 2010 World Expo helped transform a heavily industrial city-centre area into a thriving cultural and commercial district while also bringing its theme “Better City, Better Life” to the attention of 73 million people.
The next World Expo takes place in Milan, Italy, in 2015. The focus: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

Dubai Victory description in pictures..
Dubai Plan of Winning the EXPO 2020
World Expos.
Paris: In a strong showing that was only to be expected, the UAE beat the competition in the crucial voting rounds to grab the rights to host Expo 2020.
The World Expos, held every five years, is a trade exhibition that attracts millions of visitors to the host country. The UAE made it clear early in its campaign that it was determined to host the event.
Dubai set the tone for their win in the very first round of voting, leading all other aspirants, including heavyweights Russia and Turkey.
The UAE’s performance improved with each vote. They improved their first round showing of 77 votes by gaining 10 more votes in the second round, while heavyweights Russia improved by only two. This gave credence to the fact that any political manoeuvrings that had been expected by countries had been negated by the sheer confidence of the UAE’s performance.
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President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan called His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to congratulate him on the win.
Dubai in 2020
Finally the business planning of 2020
Dubai’s winning bid to host Expo 2020 is seen as a major catalyst in its economic rebound according to economists and analysts.
Hosting the World Expo 2020 is expected to add at least 1.5 percentage points per year to Dubai’s real gross domestic product (GDP) growth over 2014-2020, leading to an annual growth of 5.5 per cent, according to Institute of International Finance (IIF) a Washington based association of 450 global banks and financial institutions.
Analysts said the strong growth experienced by Dubai is driven by fundamentals rather than speculative forces. According to Dubai’s Department of Economic Development estimates, the GDP of the economy grew 4.9 per cent in the first nine months of the year. For 2013 and 2014, the emirate’s GDP is projected to grow 4.7 per cent and 4.5 per cent respectively.
“The official figure shows World Expo 2020-related spending of Dh88 billion ($24 billion) over 2014-2020. However, a significant portion of the spending on infrastructure projects would still have taken place as part of Dubai 2020 vision. Most of the planned spending is expected to be financed by additional borrowing, leading to further increase in the already high debt,” said Garbis Iradian, Deputy Director of Institute of International Finance.
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