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Assignment 29.3 - Good practice in Outdoor Adventure

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Dominic Barrow

on 9 March 2012

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Transcript of Assignment 29.3 - Good practice in Outdoor Adventure

Assignment 29.3

5 key concepts of good practice that is used in outdoor adventure! good practice presentation! Dominic Barrow Inclusion -
Staff of outdoor adventure have many
important roles which are all in place in
order to benefit the saftey and the enjoyment
of the particpants involved with the outdoor adventure task. When parents & gardians place there children in the hands of staff for example outdoor adventure staff they epect their children to be included, this is inclusion and is something that is a good practice & should be a main priority in outdoor adventure.

Inclusion is something that should be taking place in all sports, in outdoor adventure sports it may have taken longer for inclusion of some groups of people to begin due to diffrent factors for example in the past it has been very expensive so not all people could afford to take place but due to diffrent schemes in the past 10 years it has been made possible.
I gave an example of inclusion in outdoor adventure but there are many more examples which have seen more people being included in outdoor adventure.

Another factor in the past which has had a big impact on whether people got involved with outdoor adventure or not was an type of disabillity.

This is a factor which many people think would mean inclusion but due to funding from the likes of charties it has been made asseciable for disabled people to get involved with outdoor adventure, with unique and adaptable equipment along with more staff members this facotr of good practice can be seen in outdoor adventure. The good practice that is inclusion has both advantages of its use and disadvantages of its use. The advantage of inclusion is that it helps people to make freinds and get fit whilst taking part in outdoor adventure.

The disadvantage of inclusion is that is can take a lot of time and money, for example it can take months to build outdoor adventure equipment for disabled people. Although this is a disdvadvantage it is clear to see that it is worth it in the long run & there are more advantages for this good practice. Managment of risk -

One of the main disadvantages and factors why more people do not get involved with outdoor adventure is becuase of the high level of risk that is involved compared to playing a game of football in a park.

Because of this impacting factor which makes outdoor adventure activities unpopulour it means that a good practice of outdoor adventure is management of risk. When organising a outdoor adventure activity the leader will have to asses any risks and if the risk is to high then the outdoor activity will not go ahead.

This is also a factor of why outdoor activties are so expensive as equipment needs to be at the safest level & insurance needs to be coverd. An example of where the good practice of risk managment is needed during outdoor adventure activities is during sailing. This is an outdoor activity that can be really fun, but if done in the wrong conditions then can be very dangerous so the risk management needs to be looked into before this activity in order to asses the weather (wind). The main and most obvoius advantage
of risk managment is that it prevents
any harm towards people taking part
in outdoor adventure activities. For example
If a risk managment was done in the clip above
then it could have prevented injury and in a more
seroius case could have caused death.

This is something that is an advantage for outdoor acitvities if undertaken. A disadvantage of risk managment is the time & cost that needs to be put into ensuring risk managment in outdoor adventures. Outdoor advnetures need a lot of risk managment and becuase of this it means money needs to be spent on staff and new and safer equipment.
Appropriate activities -
As leaders of outdoor adventure activities it is important that the activties that are lead and undertaken whilst under the eye of the leader are appropriate. There are many factors which can effect whether an activity is appropriate, these factors can range from being allways to on certain days. the task of the leaders is to make sure that all the particpants are safe and by selecting appropriate activties means that they are taking the right steps in the way of maintaining the particpants health & saftey.

For example some factors mean that some activties are never appropriate due to diffrent things, for example it would not be appropriate for a group of 5 year old girls to go rock climbing.

Other examples of appropriatte activties can depend on other factors for example the type of day it is and also things like the weather. For example on a normal day it would be appropriate for a leader along with 17 year old teenagers to go rock climbing but on the hottest day of the year this activity would not be appropriate. This is due to the strength needed to climb plus the heavy & hot equipment that needs to be worn and carried by the particpants which could put them in danger and in a seroius case the particpants may faint due to the extreme heat. There are advantage and disadvantages
of this conecpt of good practice, the disadvantage
links to the video above which shows a 6 year
old boy showing some great climbing skills.
When young children have good outdoor actvity skills like the boy above they should have the chance
to train and become great at their chosen activity but unfortunatly this is not the case & this is one disadvantage of appropriate activties.

The advantage of having apooropriate activties is that is uses common sense and will cause less people to become injured or harmed whilst taking part in outdoor activtie which may make it more popular with people who worry about the health and saftey side. Appropriate leadership -

Having appropriate leadership skills is one of the most vital concepts that should be in place during an outdoor adventure actvity. There are many trates that need to be used by leaders within outdoor activties in order to maintain the health and saftey of everybody involved.

For example the leader needs to give good insturctions, a good linstener & also someone with a lot of control becuase partipants need to have respect for the leader in order to take in everything the leader says which will in turn keep the participants safe. An example of what roles that an appropriate leader for outdoor adventure needs to have include -

* A good listener (if someone does not want to particpate then this should be visable from the leader)
* A good communicator (alot of health and saftey instructions are given by the leaders and many to young people so good communication is needed).
* Good knowledge (whilst outdoors it is important that the leader has good knowledge for example a sting from an animal or a plant should be dealt with by the leader).
As you can see from the video above there is a lot of danger that comes with outdoor activties as this guy would not have been so lucky without a harness. Due to the danger involved with outdoor adventure is means that appropriate leadership needs to be put in place in order to give clear instructions on how activties should be done in order to prevent an injury. This shows the advantage of appropriate leadership.

The disadvantage of appropriate leadership is that it takes training and good konwledge to have, which some people may not have the time for. Enviromental awareness -

Altough to a lot of people outdoor adventure activties are very important, there are also a huge number of people who take pride in the enviroment and this is something that needs to be taken into thought whilst taking part in outdoor activties.

In the past many people have got into trouble due to effecting the enviroment and this is something that is imporant for peopel involved with outdoor activties as they spend a lot of time in the wild and becuase of this have to respect the enviroment. When rock climbing, ab sailing and undertaking other outdoor activties which take place in the likes of woods and forests then trees need to be given some thought. In order to keep the particpant safe the leaders will tie rope & attachments to trees in order to stabalise the partipants, this can break the tree's by supporting people and over a peroid of time will come out of the ground & this is something outdoor activity leaders need to be aware off.

Whilst dealing with the enviroment the leaders need to be aware of injury, for example animals, plants and slippery surfaces can all cause injuries so it is importnat that leaders make sure particpants keep themselves as safe as possible by staying away from these possbile dangers. As seen in the clip above it is allways useful to have enviromental awareness as factors like animals and tree's can cause injury which can be prevented by common enviroment knowledge from the leaders.

This shows how this good practice can have an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the enviromental awarness whilst undertaking outdoor activties.

The disadvantage of enviromental awareness is that it can cause a barrier, for example if someone wanted to set up outdoor rock climbing they would have to go through the council to make sure its legal, this is a disadvantage.
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