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We´ll miss you Bavarian girl!

We´ll miss you Bavarian girl!

Daniela Núñez

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of We´ll miss you Bavarian girl!

WE LL MISS YOU BAVARIAN GIRL!!! Lovely COOL sexy! the great parties you gave us and definitely fun YOU ARE!
adventurous funny childish you are the queen of the costume! and that sometimes
you like to improvise and despite you are the worst singer tender oh yeah, .....neither that! and have a very strange diet... asian practical! you were crazy about the Olympics and you said you were to work... but for sure you had fun! what a GREAT FRIEND
you are! mmm...what else??? With love,
your roommies
(Denis, Daniela and Monika) AND WE WONT FORGET
HOW..... we wont either forget that.... that you used to have long hair! the many dinners we shared a party queen you can be sure we WONT never NEVER FORGET yeah sure!
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