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Ipods and Ipads in the Classroom

outline of uses for ipods/ipads in classroom; benefits and drawbacks

Traci Hecht

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Ipods and Ipads in the Classroom

ipods and ipads
in the
Classroom Benefits Drawbacks Testimonials Sources By Lauren Kant and Traci Hecht Ponder this: What if you, as an educator, had a tool in your classroom that could motivate and engage your students and even increase their learning rate? What if your students actually looked forward to learning? The ipod Touch or ipad could just be the tool educators need! What if your students willingly completed both their classwork and homework? Questions cost to purchase ipods/ipads for each student
cost to purchase apps
repair/replacement costs due to damages
full educational value has yet to be proved by research
lack/need for training Believe it when they say "We've got an app for that." Future interactive digital textbooks

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt plans on studying test scores comparing users of digital textbooks and textbooks in print. http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/03/23/e-textbooks-get-a-boost-from-publishers/?ref=textbooks
http://www.apple.com/education/ipad/ “It allows us to extend the classroom beyond these four walls,” said Larry Reiff, an English teacher at Roslyn. no more heavy backpacks
good for the environment
decreased textbook and other supply costs
keeps students actively engaged
students are becoming more comfortable and confident using technology Uses learning/practicing math facts
learning/practicing letters and sounds
mastering sight words
practicing fluency
learn a new language (ESL) "About 5,400 educational applications are available specifically for the iPad, of which nearly 1,000 can be downloaded free." “It has brought individual technology into the classroom without changing the classroom atmosphere,” said Alex Curtis, headmaster of the private Morristown-Beard School in New Jersey. examine/manipulate artwork
explore the solar system
locate places on a map...anywhere
discover scientific elements
create podcasts “Traditionally, so much of art history is slides on a screen,” Dr Curtis said. “When they were able to manipulate the image themselves, it came alive.” Colleges such as Duke University and Georgia College have been using ipods in the classroom since 2004. "The incorporation of iPods gives rise to myriad possibilities, as does the teacher who incorporates these within meaningful classroom experiences. However, the planning and incorporation of these in class contexts is a challenging process. It involves a complex set of transactions among the teacher and the instructional plan at hand, children as literacy learners with their various angles of interpretation, and the actual technology that may evoke many possibilities for participants." 1) Could you see yourself and your students using ipads/ipods in your classroom? Why or why not?
If yes, do you think that the planning and incorporating of the ipod/ipad would be a challenge for you? 2) Do you think the benefits outweigh the downfalls of using ipads/ipods instead of textbooks in the classroom? Why or why not? 3) What is an activity that you could use the ipad/ipod for in your classroom? record notes
record instrumental rehearsals for later playback
assign/complete homework assignments potential for more individualized learning
potential for greater mastery of basic skills/facts
potential for increased reading fluency and comprehension
can assist students with special needs (ex: Autistic child learn appropriate behaviors via video lesson) The uses are endless... what else can you think of? Optional:
The apple website has some great videos on the use of both ipads and ipods in education.
http://www.apple.com/education/ipad/ Now, let's discuss!
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