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Quick 411 on the traditional folk dance

reeNAH goze

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Itik-Itik

A Philippine folk dance
How has the dance changed over the years?
A tale says that a lady named Kanang came up with the dance. She was the best dancer in Surigao and was encouraged to perform a dance at a baptismal party. While dancing, she decided to improvise and imitate the ducks splashing outside that she saw through a nearby window. The guests loved her dance so much that they went to copy her and the dance has been passed down ever since.
In the Itik Itik dance, girls wear a dress called patadyong or balintawak and boys wear a white top called barong tagalog or camisa de chino or something to match the girl.
Where would I go to see a performance?
I would go to the Leyte Dance Theater. I would go there because the Theater is one of the top dance companies in the Philippines and has put on many numerous shows featuring the Itik-Itik and many other filipino folkdances. Both videos later on was filmed in the Leyte Dance Theater.
Fun Fact:
Itik means type of duck in tagalog, the
national language of the Philippines
Career Opportunities
1. Entertainer- Dancer are hired to perform at
special events, such as a traditional wedding or
2. DVD tutorial/karaoke- DVD's in the Philippines are
made featuring professional dancers to teach the
dance via television or to create a visual for a karaoke.
3. Festivals- The dance has it's own festival! Dancers,
young and old dance through the streets
The Itik-Itik festival
The festival is held every year on the last Sunday of February. People of all kind take part in the festivities. Activities include street dancing, duck cooking contest, boat racing and a parade along a river.
This event is not just about the games, food and fun, but it also brings people closer to our God and to one another. It is a great display of Filipino culture and tradition usually celebrated on the Feast of St.Martha.
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