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Gateway to a new life

polishing a legacy application to look new at speed

Nigel Charman

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of Gateway to a new life

Lessons Learned
IT Automation Programme (ITAP)
Identify and automate support tasks to:
Improve quality.
Accelerate service delivery.
Achieve more efficient use of IT resources.
Top Actions
1. Deployment Foundations
2. Test Strategy and Implementation
3. Deployment Pipeline
Shared ownership of quality
Evolutionary test strategy
Appropriate automation
"Done" means zero known defects

review features early and often
pairing to integrate code and test automation
Able to fully rebuild environment, deploy and test in 45 minutes
Consistent deployment to each environment
Increased confidence and velocity:
"The pipeline saved my butt on multiple occasions"
Gateway to a New Life
polishing a legacy application to look new at speed
Tran Gilmour, Applications Manager,
Child, Youth and Family
Nigel Charman
Practice Lead - Continuous Delivery
1. Deployment Foundations
Apply DevOps principles
Repeatable, automated provisioning
Repeatable, automated deployment
Standardised environments and applications
"DRY" configuration - single source of truth
Build DevOps culture
2. Test Strategy and Implementation
Culture change takes time
Having skilled T-shaped people pays dividends
DevOps needs joint commitment and collaboration
3. Deployment Pipeline
Triggered on each commit
Checks baseline level of quality
Fast feedback on each change
Code tests
Application tests
Provides visibility to whole team
Successful delivery of Survey, Gateway, Tuituia applications
Early and successful delivery built credibility and track record
able to extend funding based on proven record
Process stood up to unexpected challenges, eg. additional security audits.
First application delivered using iGovt Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
CEO feedback
At the unveiling for Tuituia, the CEO noted the sense of shared ownership
Exemplified the culture he was trying to build within the ministry
He'd only been made aware a week earlier of the magnitude of change that would be delivered for CYF

CEO's Culture briefing mention
ITAP - future
Where to from here?
The Challenge
Legacy application
Java Swing client
J2EE, 4-Tier, Oracle-WebLogic
Secure - Never trust the client device, Perimeter Security
1 month manual regression test cycle
Rimu Framework
DNA change:
Maintenance team took lessons and applied to their work
Web CYRAS project proved ITAP goals:
Improve quality.
Accelerate service delivery.
Achieve more efficient use of IT resources.

Dev Support team increased workload, improved delivery times and reduced team size.

Moving forward:
Significant investment in infrastructure to increase feedback frequency
Core applications now building multiple times per day
PoC of security and performance checks in pipeline

"Steel-thread" application delivered to production to prove delivery
Feature toggles allowed features to be deployed without release
Monthly deployments to production
Deliver early and often
What would you do?
“It is not enough that
management commit
themselves to quality and productivity,
they must know what it is they must do.”
Design Led
Team Lead put on management track after presentation on "preventing bugs rather than fixing bugs"
Trade off pipeline complexity vs feedback time
Continuous Delivery caused 7x demand on CI server
Consider long term ownership of CD infrastructure
—W. Edwards Deming
Do you know what you would do?
are & Protection
outh Justice

Bugs found during Exploratory Testing reduced from 10 per story to 1 or 2
UAT - no defects found:
Would normally have expected around 100 for this size project
Our Approach - accelerated evolution
Average Cycle Time (analysis to complete) reduced from 99 days to 12 days
Maximum velocity of 4-6 fully tested features/week
Do you know what you must do?
Modernise, mobilise and manage
“We have so much going on with CYRAS 2, Gateway,
Web CYRAS, Mobility, we need a way to bring it all together”
- Business Owner
Improve time to market
- Get ready for strong focus on child protection practices
Improve quality and security
- Build Quality in from the beginning
Improve usability and mobility
- We can't make people use the system, but we can help them want to
Designed for touch
Mobile first - Skip over web
Build for the browser - Platform independence
Location aware - Information in context
Secure - Never trust the client device
Lightweight footprint
Platform Agility
Fast patching and deployment
Share the load
What do you do when you have a legacy system used by thousands of staff every day and a need to transform for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) with limited budget?
Test as you go
"Dark launching"
Get closer to the user
One domain - multiple views
Begin with the end in mind
Seek benefits early
Manage risk through iteration
Keep your options open
This "dark launching" found production errors early without impacting users
Continuously resist urge to fall back to waterfall thinking
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