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Stupid Fast

No description

Jared Donald

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Stupid Fast

By: Geoff Harbach Stupid Fast Main Characters My favorite part of the
book My personal favorite part is when Felton
finds out about his dad and who he really was.
This helps you fit all the puzzle pieces in your head
and makes all the foreshadowing leading up to
this point make sense. The Summer I Went From A Joke To A Jock Felton Rienstein is a 15 year old kid who has
grown up a in a rough life. He found his dad hanging in his garage at the age of 5. His mom then burned every memory of his dad. Since that he grew up a weird and nerdy kid until he hit puberty and matured. Then one day in gym class Felton found out he was fast , stupid fast. From this day on Felton's life was never the same. He was welcomed to the track and football team, he began to hang out with honkies (he previously despised them) and got a girlfriend, but there was still one missing puzzle piece, his dad. The mystery of his dad begins to backfire on him as his mom refuses to care for him and his brother all of a sudden. Soon his new found life starts to crumble at his own fingertips, Felton's dad was a much worse person
than he had been told. Summary Felton Reinstein: He is the main character and
is who the whole story is based around. The book
is told through his point of view. He is orginaly a weird and awkward kid but as he matures he finds out he is stupid fast and very good at football.

Andrew Reinstein: He is Felton's little brother who is
very good at piano and who Felton basically has to care for when their mom goes insane. He is a very a self-centered kid at first until his mother goes insane and he decides to fight fire with fire.

Aleah Jennings: Girl who moves in Felton's former best friend's house. She is one of the best piano players in world for her age. Felton finds her stunning and beautiful the minute he sees her. She is Felton's soon-to-be girlfriend.

Jerry Reinstein: Felton and Andrew's hippie mom who mysteriously burns all memories of her dead husband.She is a very loving and caring mom at first until she mysteriously decides to negect her children as Felton matures. Intense part in book "He wasn't...'" I said. "He wasn't kind."
"This isnt yours. It isn't," she cried,"I shouldn't have lied."
"I won't, Jerri," I said.
"This is mine."
"I won't ever play tennis, Jerri," I cried.
"It's my fault," Jerri told me, her hands on my face, totally sobbing.
Then we laid in the yard crying, the broken pieces of my Schwinn Varsity littering the ground around us. This is right after Felton finds out everything about his dad Why I would recommend
this book I would certainly recommend this book to anyone especially to kids my age. This is because the book is based around a 15 year old going through puberty. Many of us can relate to this. This book also shows view of life through a nerd and a jock, showing you both sides and comparing them. This book is a book that confuses you at first with a bunch of different twists and turns but all come together to make a straight line in the end. Overall, this book is something we all can relate to in some way and
will always keep you wondering why, what
and how? Theme There could be multiple themes but in my
personal opinion the main theme is that you
can not run away from your past. The book
shows that the more you run from your past, the worse it gets. It displays that you need to acknowledge your past and learn from it in order to change the future. Genre: Realistic Fiction
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