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Frankenstein 20 Event Timeline

No description

Ben Pennington

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Frankenstein 20 Event Timeline

20 Important events
from Victor Frankenstein's life.
by Mary Shelley
~ Event 3 ~
Victor creates a monster
~ Event 1 ~
Victor and Clerval go to study in Ingolstadt.
~ Event 4 ~
Victor is horrified by his monster and becomes sick for months.
~ Event 6 ~
~ Event 5 ~
Victor hears of the death of his brother William.
Victor travels to Geneva to investigate the murder
and confirms his suspicions that the monster is the culprit.
~ Event 7 ~
Justine is accused of William's murder and is executed. Victor and Elizabeth enter into a state of depression.
~ Event 8 ~
The monster finds Victor and relates his story.
~ Event 9 ~
Victor is angry at the monster
but agrees to make a female fiend.
~ Event 10 ~
Victor travels to England with Clerval for his research .
Victor decides his moral responsibility requires him to destroy his work on a female fiend.
~ Event 11 ~
The monster kills Clerval, Victor's best friend.
~ Event 12 ~
Victor is tried for the murder of Clerval, found innocent, and returns to Geneva.
~ Event 13 ~
Victor marries Elizabeth although terrified of the monster.
~ Event 14 ~
The monster kills Elizabeth, Victor's father dies from grief, and Victor swears revenge.
~ Event 15 ~
~ Event 16 ~
Victor pursues the monster through rough terrain.
~ Event 17 ~
Victor's sled crashes in the middle of the ocean.
Walton rescues him.
~ Event 18 ~
Victor relates his story to Walton.
~ Event 19 ~
Victor dies from health issues.
~ Event 20 ~
The monster comes to mourn over Victor's body
and resolves to kill himself.
~ Event 2 ~
His parents adopt Elizabeth,
planning for them to get married later.
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