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Wallaroobie Waters Island Resort - Performance Management

Human Resources Management

Lisa Lu

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Wallaroobie Waters Island Resort - Performance Management

Essay Method Rating Technique #1 Drop in customer satisfaction Decline in employee productivity Wallaroobie's existing performance management strategies are ineffective Decline in Revenue Kym Francis
Daniel Heycox
Lisa Lu
James Wiltshire Management
Problem 2013 performance management conference Our Mission Our Values Integrity
Exceptional service
Performance Wallaroobie Waters Island Resort Luxury five star island resort on the Whitsunday Islands

5th in the world Many recreational facilities and restaurants

213 full time staff & 149 casual staff Organisational Chart Performance Management Process Key Activities:
Performance Planning

Performance Coaching and Mentoring

Performance Management and Evaluation

Performance Feedback and Documentation Performance Planning What is our direction?

What are our expectations?

What are our goals and objectives?

How will we evaluate our performance to see if we meet these goals?

Develop an action plan Performance Coaching and Mentoring We must conduct interim checks on progress towards goals

We must explore why employee productivity is declining
Are they demotivated?
Do they know what our goals are?
Are we bad managers?!?!

We must provide coaching and mentoring to redirect poor employee behaviour Performance Measurement and Evaluation Four important aspects: 1. Who will rate employee performance?

2. What techniques will we use?

3. What are some errors that we might make?

4. How do we rate employees that work in teams? Performance Feedback and Documentation As managers, we must be:
Consistent and fair
Make meaningful comments
Focus on behaviours - not personality

We should have meetings/appraisals to provide employees with feedback

Remember to keep a record of performance results

How do we deal with poor performers? Behaviourally anchored rating scales Why BARS? Jobs at Wallaroobie vary from waitstaff to room attendants
BARS allows us to evaluate employee behaviours specific to their jobs

It also lets us compare common characteristics across diverse roles - e.g. reliability, commitment Essay Method BARS Method Why the Essay Method? Managerial roles are complex and diverse
Essay method allows for a detailed description of various skills

Unrestrained and flexible - any facet of performance can be evaluated

The rater discusses what they think is most important Who will evaluate or rate employee performance? It depends on the employee's role:
Front line employees:
Customer appraisals and direct line manager

Employees who do not interact with customers:
Direct line manager

Subordinates and direct line manager; 360 degree feedback Rating Technique #2 Raters The Balanced Scorecard Approach What about our overall performance as an organisation?

Balanced scorecards aligns our activities with our goals across 4 dimensions: Managing Knowledge at Wallaroobie What is knowledge management?
Initiatives to manage knowledge held by employees at Wallaroobie to improve our success

Knowledge management is a learning process. It lets us
Learn from our own and each other's mistakes
Share our work with others
Communicate with others more clearly Knowledge Management How can we do it? Introduction of a Wallaroobie Waters e-Portal This facilitates the 2 steps of knowledge management 1. Encouraging employees to research knowledge

2. Employees can set their own knowledge goals and add value Challenges in the Quest for High Performance Conclusion Successful employees are a competitive advantage for Wallaroobie

The way we manage performance must reflect our mission and values

We have to learn from our mistakes!

Our success relies on each employee!
Performance pressures
Employee Wellbeing

Reward high performers! How can you implement these in your LCO? Please refer to your handbooks Rating Techniques:
Forced Ranking: rank employees from best to worst
Forced Choice: rater is forced to choose between 2 job-related descriptions about the employee
Paired Comparison: pairing employees and picking the better one - repeat until each employee has been compared with everyone else
Essay Method: writing a report
Critical Incidents Method: focusing on job behaviours typical of success or failure
Graphic Rating Scale: rating employees on a scale based on certain characteristics
Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales: graphic scales & critical incidents Performance Pressures Be wary of performance pressures

They can lead to:
Negative Performance
Increased staff turnover *Some are trick questions :)
Things to consider:
What is the objective of this performance evaluation
Size of the organisation
Are there many employees executing the same task?
What is the degree of skill variety for this job?
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