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CRB: Let me introduce myself!

My 321 Intro for EVO 2014

Christina Rebuffet-Broadus

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of CRB: Let me introduce myself!

The 2nd thing about me:
I'm from the US originally but I've been living in France since 2004.
An activity my Ss enjoy:
Using speech visualization technology to work on their intonation and word stress
I want to learn:
How to make use of mobile technology to encourage learners to keep in touch with English outside of class
The 1st thing about me:
I've just finished my first e-book,
with Jennie Wright published through the round:
The 3rd thing about me:
A few random personal facts: I love Asian food but have yet to travel to Asia, I played the clarinet for 10 years and began studies as a music major, I have 2 tattoos, one cat and one husband :)
Christina Rebuffet-Broadus
(or Crikkie if you prefer :)

It's all about experimental practice in the classroom and is great for DELTA candidates as well as teachers
wanting to test Dogme, lexical chunking, corpora, translation, or CLIL!
So I speak fluent French and am trying
to learn German thanks to podcasts and lots of listening (before I even try to read or --oh la la --
spell German!
So that's me in a nutshell!
Discover some activities that make my classes more "21st century"
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