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Jesslyn Miller:

No description

Karen Callis

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Jesslyn Miller:

Jesslyn Miller:
What Is A Manicure?

A typical manicure involes filing and shaping of the fingernails, including pushing back and clipping the cuticles, which is the skin that grows at the base of the fingernails. In addition to massaing, soaking, and moisturizing the hands, a manicure also typically includes the application of nail polish to the fingernails.Some girls may choose bright, flashy colors for their nails, while others might choose a clear or pale pink polish with a thin strip of white nail polish on the tips, which id known as a French manicure. Others might choose to have designs, decals or imitation jewels added to their nails.Popular manicure treatments also include the application of artifical nail gels, tips,and acrylics.
Manicurists specialize in hand and nail care.Manicures and pedicures are traditional services.As more women have discovered the convienience and appeal of various types of artifical nails,many salons and boutiques specialize exclusively in nail care.
"a cosmetic treatment of fingernails, including shaping and polish
"to trim, clean,and polish (the fingernails)"
"to trim the fingernails"
"to care for (the hands and nails)
Elizabeth Arden was a Canadian born American business executive who founded the international cosmetics company now known as Elizabeth Arden Inc. She helped introduce cosmetics to American women at time when respectable women did not wear make up.
now you know what a manicure is
World Almanac
This is a picture of someone getting a manicure.
This is a picture of someone getting a pedicure
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