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Harry Styles

No description

Zoe Thorowgood

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Harry Styles

Harry Styles
By Zoe Thorowgood Harry Styles Child Hood One of his earliest memories was going to a day care called 'Happy Days' Harry Edward Styles was born on February 1st 1994 12:06am in Homes Chapel, Cheshire. Family Harry with his mom, Anne Cox. Harry with his dad, Des Styles Harry with his sister, Gemma Styles When Harry was 7 years old his parents got divorced. "I Guess I didn't know what was going on properly, but i remember being really depressed but I soon got over it and accepted it" – Harry Harry moved out of Homes Chapel and farther out into Cheshire country side. But moved back into Homes Chapel when he was 12. Harry's XFactor Audition Now Do You See What Hate Does To People?
It changed how he thought of himself. The story behind this: Harry didn't hit the right note on his solo in What Makes You Beautiful. So he went on twitter and saw all these people talking about him. He went into a depressed mode. It changed what he thought of himself. Over one silly mistake every one judged him. Why I Chose Harry Styles He went for his dream, and never quit, and look where he is at now. Living the life that a lot of people want. Don't ever give up on your dreams because you never know what the future holds for you. The End! 1/4/13

1/2 period

Dare To Dream Another one of Harry's memories were going to Disney world when he was about five years old. "Everything seemed so big and fun and I loved it" Harry stated. Education Harry really liked math when he was younger, but as time went on he started liking English better. Harry was an A and B student. Harry also went to Wilmslow High School. Why Harry is a Role Model in Society Harry is a role model because he just keep going when he could be knocked down. When he has a hard time and everyone doubts him, he is right there. Proving people wrong what they think about him. Accomplishments Harry has won 36 total awards for his band, One Direction in the past year. Harry is in a worldwide known band, One Direction who hit top of the chart sales. Another thing is that both of One Directions albums have gone number one in 16 countries. Current News On Harry Harry is now back in London spending time with family before he goes on his tour which starts on February 23, 2013. Harry and his band One Direction, just released their new music video on January 7th, 3013. With a total of over 15 million views. Growing up Harry attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School Singing wasn't Harry's first choice for a career, he was actually sending applications for law school at age 16. Harry loved singing from an earl age, but thought nothing of it. The first song he knew all the words to were "The Girl of My Best Friend" by Elvis. One Direction singing at the judges house to see if they would go on the UK xFactor or not :). This is what started it all.
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