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Autism 3rd

No description

Kayla Hoelscher

on 1 May 2017

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Transcript of Autism 3rd

What is Autism?
disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact
What category?
Mental, their brain functions in a different way
Is autism visible?
Their compulsive behavior, repetition of words and speech delay
Learning to communicate with others
How can this impact a family?
Stress the parents or bring family closer to help the child
Medical procedure and cost?
It cost more than 17,000 a year for a child with autism
What strengths might a person
with autism acquire?
Cognitive Development, cognitive abilities, stability, theoretical models, academic instruction.
What resources does the public
education system provide?
Special classes so they can get more help if needed
Describe one well known
person with autism?
Mozart, repeated facial expressions and he was in need of constant motion of his hands and feet. His hearing was sensitive
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