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The Scientific Method

No description

Develle Tucker

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of The Scientific Method

Develle Tucker The Scientific Method When you look at a female you notice some of the ways they choose to style their hair. The question is, which style is most preferred? I will be examining straight, curly, ponytail, accessories, and dyes. Observation which leads to a question. What hairstyle is most portrayed by females? I believe that most girls prefer straight hair. If they prefer straight hair, than that will prove it is a more popular hairstyle. Hypothesis I will be examining 100 females and looking for dyed, straight, curly, decorated, and pigtailed. Experiment In my observations I found that 50% of the females had straight hair, 25% was in pigtails, 5% was dyed, and the other 5% was decorated. RESULTS Step 1: Look at different female hairstyles.
Step 2: Write down your observations. The results of the experiment support my hypothesis that most females prefer straight hairstyles. Conclusion People might not like the hairstyle they had. Error If I did this experiment again I would test different look at different females hairstyles. I could also ask about their favorite style. http://www.schooltube.com/video/fd2b492edaba5925f070/
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