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Medical School Admissions: The Basics

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AHC Communications

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Medical School Admissions: The Basics

Selection Criteria The Essential Qualities of the Ideal Medical Student Prerequisites Required Courses Biology with lab Recommended 1 Chemistry with lab Additional courses in the life sciences (biology, genetics, zoology, botany, parasitology, etc.), biochemistry, and/or physics, at least 2 of which must be upper level courses Upper level course in the humanities or social sciences with an intensive writing requirement 1 4 1 Biochemistry
Independent learning or other courses involving small group discussion Minimum Requirements for Admission 2012 Class Profile Statistics 3669 Applicants 549 Interviewed
(Including MD/PhD) 170 Enrolled Class Profile Total MCAT Score Avg GPA MN Residents Non-Residents Age Range Avg Age 32.4 3.74 133 37 20-43 24 MCAT sub-scores VR PS WS BS 10.08 10.96 P 11.30 U of M Acceptance Data for 2012 Application Processing at the U of M 2006-2012 AMCAS Secondary Invited to Interview Accepted Enrolled >2,000 400-600 240-250 170 Admissions by the Numbers Medical School
Admissions: The Basics Click anywhere to view a presentation 3,259-3,669 Undergraduate degree (any major)
Competitive MCAT score
Competitive GPA
Prerequisites Minimum Requirements for Admission Academics Medically Related Experiences Human Service Shadowing
Interaction with patients
Work, i.e., EMT, paramedics, CNA, etc. Community service Essential Qualities of the Ideal Medical Student Commitment to improving the human condition

Unassailable professional conduct

Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills

Effective dedication to lifelong learning Commitment to Improving the Human Condition Commitment to human service

Understanding of medicine

Commitment to care of the under served

Commitment to community and global care Professional Conduct Honesty



Ethical behavior Outstanding Interpersonal Skills Communication skills

Teamwork skills

Tolerance and respect

Diversity experiences Dedication to Lifelong Learning Intellectual Curiosity

Scientific aptitude

Potential for academic success

Psychological resilience


Research experiences Application Process Complete the primary application (AMCAS) You will receive confirmation via email from the U of MN with the opportunity for you to choose: Select the University of Minnesota Step 1 - AMCAS Step 2 - Choose a Campus Twin Cities Duluth or both campuses Complete the Supplemental Application Step 3 The Duluth campus will send the supplemental app to ALL applicants

The Twin Cities campus issues the supplemental app on a scheduled cycle to verified applicants ONLY Supplemental Application Early Decision Aug 1 EDP application deadline

Limited to applying to only one school

EDP applicants are exceptional candidates

Compare your personal profile to the class profile of the school to which you are applying Academics Personal Statement Letters Experience Holistic Application Review Process MCAT Secondary
Application & Discussion Final Review The interview will help to determine how well the candidate meets the Essential and Desired Qualities Ability to communicate

Level of maturity

Passion for and understanding of medicine

Commitment to patient care

Knowledge of the U of M

Confirmation of your written profile The Interview Invite for Interview? 1st Review Final Decision:
Not Accepted No Yes AMCAS Post Interview Decision Committee Not
Accepted Wait
List Accepted Things to Consider Are you applying prematurely? Its ok to delay applying to improve your application profile.

To improve your GPA, take more challenging, upper level courses and do well.

Sustained clinical exposure is important.

Applying Early Decision? Consider your application profile. EDP applicants are exceptional candidates.

Additional course information/grades cannot be added after you submit you application. Relates to Item 1.

Take personal responsibility for your application. Resources For information about
Medical School Admissions http://www.med.umn.edu/admissions Email us at: meded@umn.edu Total Applications: 3669 Total Accepts Offered: 273 *Admissions data from Twin Cities campus *Admissions data from Twin Cities campus *Admissions data from Twin Cities campus Research Optional for the MD; required for the MD/PhD Or call us at: 612-625-7977
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