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Trends of The Elizabethian era

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Hannah lilly

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Trends of The Elizabethian era

Homes and Architecture Weapons Used Mens appearance Bloopers Hair styles Wealthy woman at the time would tend to wear long dresses and there hair up if not in a wig. The dresses would be so tight that you could usually find fainting couches just about every where you went.

Poor people would usually wear what ever they were given or they could find.

The queen could be found wearing purple or other colors that were none as "Royal colors" which means only the royal family could wear them. Women's Appearance -Trends of the Elizabethan Era- This video explains multiple weapons used during the Elizabethan Era. Preformed by Ian O'Dell Men during this time dressed a lot like the woman. They wore dresses and even wore heels. They only wore red heels. This fashion was inspired by king Louis XVI. Woman on the other hand did not were heels and did not start for a few years after the men until the fashion for men slowly died out. Peoples hair was based on who they were. If you were a peasant you might have braids on the top of your head and if you were a wealthy woman you would have your hair up or like the men, in a wig. By Hannah Lilly, Ian O'Dell ,and Virginia Frances Teel. What Is The Elizabethan Era? -The Elizabethan Era is named after the greatly loved Queen Elizabeth I of England.Many memorable things happened during this time.for example,the famous William Shakespeare and the very first theaters of England were built. Also the great explorer Sir Francis Drake was exploring during this time period. William Shakespeare Queen Elizabeth I Sir Frances Drake The most notable feature in the Elizabethan style houses is classical symmetry. You will notice this feature this video. Crossbow (Arbalest) Rapier sword Elizabethan Musket Queen Penny Wealthy man
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