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Goal Settings

No description

Hannah Yelton

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of Goal Settings

Setting Goals' .. Goal #1.
Working out and staying in shape for this soccer season. Resources.. 1. make a daily plan 2. exercise 3. eat healthy 4. rest well ' my daily plan .. morning - eat a healthy breakfast .. afternoon - eat lunch, then exercise .. evening - eat dinner, then work out .. night - get in bed, and rest well ' exercises 1. lifting weights 2. joggin' a few laps 3. push ups, pull ups,
sit ups, and crunches ' eating healthy 1. eating a healthy breakfast 2. eating a healthy lunch 3. eating a healthy dinner ' rest well 1. get in bed early
2. get at least 8 hours of sleep
3. try not to get up during the night Roadblocks.. - hanging with friends - eating unhealthy - staying up late - not eating three meals a day - skipping an exercise - stayin' on facebook THE END!! plan for staying in shape.. 1. soccer field .. 2. soccer ball .. 3. weights.. 4. track. . 5. healthy food.. 'i will also drink lots of milk to keep my bones strong.. :) Goal #. 2
- stop myself from being late RESOURCES.. - using an alarm clock..

- laying my clothes out the night before.. 'roadblocks.. - wanting to sleep in.. DEADLINES!
- by the end of may - if i keep being late i will have detntion!! - injured knee and back.. megan to run with :)..
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