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Interactive Notebooks

Introduction to Interactive Notebooks

Amy Robertson

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Interactive Notebooks

Student Benefits -helps students to sequence learning

-students will be rereading their notes to process for the “output”

-appeals to multiple intelligences

-requires students to actively do something with the information to internalize it Essentials of the Notebook What is an Interactive Notebook? Math Notebooks Types of Outputs For All Curriculum Areas Interactive Notebooks These notebooks organize student notes and responses, become the major method of test review, and ultimately become a key element for review for standardized assessments. These notebooks transform those dry and boring notes into vivid, visual elements that will reside in the student's memory bank. Science Notebooks Electricity Life Cyles Adaptations Rocks Food Chains Multiplying Decimals Measurement Mass Graphs Content Vocabulary Advertisement Civil War Acrostic Notes vs. Processing Historical Figures
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