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Harmonizing in Equality

Every instrument should have equal amounts of attention.

Marketing Director Chloe

on 23 December 2015

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Transcript of Harmonizing in Equality

Harmonizing in Equality
by: Grace, Yvan, Manahil, and Chloe
Billboard Ad:
See this bassoon player? He's happy because he finally got the melody.
Thanks to
in Equality,
bassoons and other
neglected, non-melody
instruments finally get
the coolest part for the
first time in their lives.
Business Card:
Harmonizing In Equality
To Contact HIE:
Phone Number: 1-800-555-6262
Email Address: contact@hie.com
Mailing Address: 20165 Park Ridge Lane
City: Houston, TX 77065
Find us on our website:
"Helping kids gain instrumental equality since 1997."
Chloe and Grace
Arranged by
Manahil and Yvan

The founder of our company is the amazing Grace Catherine Steed.
Five of our accomplishments are:
Harmonizing in Equaltiy
Why should you invest in HIE?
There are a few reasons why the community will need our organization.
1. The people need to know about the other, non-melody instuments!
2. The people need to stop neglecting those non-melody instruments!
3. We need instrumental equality because it is basically the same as human rights.
We host full orchestra events (this includes band and orchestra).
We have instrument conventions for younger children who want to become a musician.
We also have presentations at public and private schools to teach the children about the amazing world of music.
If you want to help our project, then you can donate money, volunteer, and/or donate instruments.
Help us, if you dare!
Contact us with our,
eMail: www.contact@hie.com
Phone: 1-(800)-555-6262
or even mail us!
20165 park ridge ln
Houston, TX 77065
Visit our website at
It boosts children's confidence
It challenges all children's musical ability
It fights against musical inequality
1. We wrote pieces of music that featured background instruments with melody.
2. Hosted full orchestra concerts over the globe.
3. Donated money to music programs.
4. Spread awareness about neglected instruments.
5. We gave private lessons to the less fortunate.
What is instrument equality you might ask?
In most orchestral settings, there many instruments, but most only play background parts. Here at HIE, we strive to allow those background instruments to shine out and feel important.
Our purpose is to promote and support instrument equality.
Location: Houston, Texas
We help all children and adults who feel that their instrument is neglected and want to change that.
HIE Commercial
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