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WishMap Plan

No description

Amy Carrera

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of WishMap Plan

Business Plan An Overview Revenue Model Break Even Analysis Demand Forecast Break Even Analysis Summary Future Service Charges Management Team Costs Advertising Costs Maintenance Costs Required Investments Business Team
* Financial Lead: $42,000
* Marketing Lead: $38,000
* Marketing Intern Website maintenance
Business hosting: $240/year
Domain: $20/year
SSL certificate: $20/year

Application maintenance
Annual app store fee: $100/year
??? * Social media: free
* Featured on Nokia and IIT website: free
* CTA train banner/billboard: $1600/month * WishMap will charge 2.5% on every payment

* Stripe take 2.9% + 30 cents for every successful charge

* Charges subtracted from amount beneficiary receives 18 month projection

Fall 2013

Spring 2014

Fall 2014 * Management Team Costs: $214,000
* Maintenance Costs:
* Advertising Costs: (see Google Adwords/Facebook Ads)
* Future Revenue:
* Forecasted Demand:
* Break Even: Year ?? Development Team
* Developer: $43,000
* Development Intern Administration
* Project Manager: $51,000
* Operations Manager: $40,000 04-04-13 TOTAL LABOR COSTS: $214,000 TOTAL COSTS: $?,??? Future Advertising Costs Generating Cash flow * Sell advertising space on website $1,000-$5,000

* Partnerships and sponsors $1,000+

* Government grants

* Venture capitalists $?,??? Liam Barrett, Amy Carrera, Alejandro Sanchez, Kartik Saraf and Bingjie Wu * YouTube advertisement: (see YouTube)
* Google adwords: (see Google Adwords)
* Facebook ads: (see Facebook Ads) TOTAL COSTS: VARIABLE TOTAL COSTS: $1,600 Google Adwords Ad Rank = CPC bid x Quality Bid
CPC bid - the maximum bid you spend on your keyword
Quality bid - metric score from 1 to 10 of how relevant or useful your ad is
Higher ad rank = higher position relative to other ads on the Google search page
How much you pay = (ad rank of person below you/your quality bid) + $0.1
budget adjustable at any time
show ads on any related websites Facebook Ads CPC - Cost per click
CPM - Cost per thousand impressions (M = thousand in Latin)
Max bid can be changed at will in accoradance with needs of company
CTR- click-through rate Youtube Ads Four types of ads (in-search, in-slate, in-display, in-stream)
Cost varies per ad (higher end is in-display for $.30, and in-search is lower end for $.10)
Range is from $.10 to $.30 per ad unit
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