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Networking 2.0

Identifying and Forging Mentor Relationships

Alicia Erwin

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Networking 2.0

Mentorship Defined Nurturing the Relationship What's in a Relationship? Exploration Paying it Forward Negotiation What does mentorship mean to you?

What other words, themes, or ideas
come to mind? Investment in relationship
Role clarification and definition
Role reversal/giving back
Upholding responsbility
Identification of mutual benefits Networking 2.0 What makes for a good match?
Let's look at some famous pairs. You've thought about what you want from a mentor, now how do you find one?

How can you identify their interest?

How do you determine if they are willing to mentor? Identifying and Forging Mentor Relationships Why is mentorship important? mentorship A personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. However, true mentoring is more than just answering occasional questions or providing ad hoc help. It is about an ongoing relationship of learning, dialog, and challenge. Let's generate a list ...

Who are individuals, whether locally or nationally, that you currently look up to or aspire to be like?
That you respect?
That are doing things that you want to do?
That hold positions you'd be interested in holding? Knowing What You Want: Pick one person off of your list ...

In what ways do they inspire you?
What would you want to ask them?
What new knowledge or insight would you want to gain from them?
What's a challenge you currently face that you would want to discuss with them? Additional questions to think about:

Are there specific traits you need or want from a mentor?
Does gender matter for you?
Does professional background matter?
Can one person be all things for you? Places to be on the lookout: Networking events
Conferences/professional settings
Internship environments
Your professors
Friends and family Mentoring Opportunities and Programs at NYU-Poly, NYU, & Beyond: Student Council's First Year Mentorship Program
Base Pairs, student club
NYU Mentor Network (via The Wasserman Center)
http://www.mentornet.net/ (e-mentoring for diversity in engineering and science) Finding Mentors Defining the Relationship Determining Mutual Interest: How do you know once the relationship is official?

How do you make an 'ask'? Affirmation Keep in mind that mentor-mentee relationships do not always last forever. Most will reach a
termination point.

How do you keep moving forward?
How can you give to others?
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