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abc texas history project

No description

alonie riggins

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of abc texas history project

BY: alonie riggins ABC Texas History Project CHECKS & BALANCES: The battle of San Jacinto was the last battle
of the Texas Revolution. A fort that the Texans built to fend off
the Mexicans and the only thing left of
it is the famous chapel. ALAMO: BATTLE OF SAN JACINTO: Checks & Balances is the government term that requires 3 of the branches of government to watch each other so one branch doesn't have too much power. DRAG: During cattle drives the drag kept
stragglers, from falling behind. Ate
a lot of dust. Hence the phrase its a drag. EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION: The Emancipation Proclamation was a
document that Abraham Lincoln wrote that declared freedom for the slaves. FEDERALISM: Federalism is the government idea
that the power of the government is divided. GEORGE C.CHILDRESS George c. Childress was a lawyer,statesman & principal author
of the Texas Declaration of Independence. HERNAN CORTES: Hernan Cortes was a famous conquistdor. Hernan led the fall of the aztec empire. IMPEACHMENT: Impeachment is a formal process of which a government official is accused of un-lawful actions and is kicked out of office as a punishment. JOHN BROWN: John brown was a american abolitionist who was famous for his act of trying to put weapons in the hands of slaves KANSAS-NEBRASKA ACT: The kansas- nebrska act was a law
organized on the bases of popular sovereignty. LEGISLATIVE: Legislative is one of the 3
branches of government. MEXICAN-AMERICAN
WAR: The war between Mexico & America.
The start of the During the Texas revolution. NATIVE AMERICANS: Native americans are indigenous
people in North America within the boundaries of present day Alaska. OLD 300: The old three hundred were
the first three hundred families to come to Texas, they came to San Felipe de Austin. PRIMITIVE: Being the first or earliest of the kind or existence, for example the native americans lived a primitive lifestyle. QUILTING: Many African slaves made quilts to save memories different weavings meant different things. REPUBLICANISM: This is the idea that the government is controlled
by the people. The people then elect represenitives to make the laws they want. SAM HOUSTON: Sam Houston was a American soldier,statesman,politician. He is best known for leading Texas into the U.S & was the first president of Texas. TEXAS REVOLUTION: This was when Texas was under the rule of Mexico and they were trying to gain their independence. UNION ARMY: The union army fought for the north during the civil war, they wore blue and the south wore gray. VICSBURB-MISSISSIPPI: Two of the most important battles of the civil war took place in Vicksburg Mississippi, they were the turning point for the north. WILLIAM B. TRAVIS William B. Travis was an american lawyer,soldier & lieutenant for the Texas army. He died at age 26 at the Alamo. XIT RANCH: The XIT ranch was a cattle ranch in the Texas panhandle in the years 1885-1912 YELLOW FEVER:
Yellow fever was a disease that slaves brought. An acute viral disease. "ZERO CHANCE":
The words of William B.Travis at the Alamo when he told them that they had zero chance of winning and were gonna die trying.
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