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The homeless bird

No description

jadariuz lumpkin

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of The homeless bird

The five major settings koly went
Koly went to
,The metha's house
,Maa Kamla's house.
The Homeless bird
Maa Kamala- had a widows house and she kept widows and help widows get jobs.
Koly-was a widow and had a sick husband and a mean sass her sister Chandra
The eight major characters
Raji- was a rickshaw boy ,and took koly to the widows house.
Tanu- was a person who lived at the house with kol, and her and koly work at the same job.
Mrs.Devi-Was a rich lady and cameto Maa Kamalas and help koly get a job to emborder qiults.
Mala-Was a bad person to be around
and she stole the golden quilt.
Mr Das-owned his own shop and
people embordered quilt for him
and he did not want people copy
Sass-Was Hari's mom and she was very mean to koly.
Maa kamala's house were she could live and stay the night.
The river were her and Raji went.
She went Mala house and got trick to drink bhang.
Varandavan was a place were koly got drop of at.
The five majors event
is were koly and sass took haris toget clean.
3 major problems
Koly husband died ,and then she got married to Raji.
Koly got left in Vrandavan ,and then she moved to a widows house.
She also got tricked into drinking bhang

The main theme in this story is the powerlessness of girls how live India and cant make there on decision
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