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Opinion Writing

No description

Kimi NOltensmeier

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Opinion Writing

Please open your folders to this page
Take a minute to
turn and talk
to your partner about this "Would you rather..." question.

Q: Would you rather wrestle a black bear or an alligator? Why?

Do you agree or disagree?
What are some reasons you would rather wrestle a black bear? or alligator?
Good writers list the pros and cons when explaining their opinions.
Yesterday, we used a "T-chart" to list our facts for the "Would you rather wrestle and black bear or alligator" debate.
Good writers use multiple resources to find many facts to support their opinion.
Internet: animals.nationalsgeographic.com/animals/


Newspaper articles

Personal connections (first hand experiences)
Good Writers publish their work to get more ideas and better their writing.
Publish on KidBlog
--State your opinion: "If I had to choose between wrestling a black bear or alligator, I would rather wrestle_____________."
--Choose 1 reason (your favorite) to copy on to kidblog
--Support reason with proven facts

Good writers read what other writers publish and write a comment.
Comment examples:
I agree with your opinion because....
You did a great job of ____________because...
Awesome job with ____________. Something that might help make your opinion stronger is _________.
Ask a question.
Good writers read comments from other writers and make adjustments
Opinion Writing
Would you rather....
What are the Pros???

What are the Cons??

Turn and Talk to your partner about these pros and cons.
Here is our amazing
list of facts.

+ Pros
- Cons
Choose 1 reason
List 3 supporting facts
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