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Sydney Sewerage

What happens to Sydney's sewerage

craig slack

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Sydney Sewerage

Sydney water: sewerage treatment What happens to your sewerage! The sydney sewerage treatment plants Sydney has a number of sewrage treatment plants that take in old 'dirty water' and waste water. These treatment plants can turn this putrid sickening water into drinkable realitivly clean water. Treatment plants are very important because they can disinfect and clean sewage water so that we can but it back into the environment without hurting it. The first stage or Primary treatment The primary stage is the stage that the sewrage first encounters in its long journey to the ocean. This stage is quite simple. In this stage, the treatment plant removes any large solid objects like, wood, animals or even tvs. By Craig Slack There are three stages in making waste water clean. 1. primary 2. secondary 3. tertiary This is a sydney sewage treatment plant.... This is a diagram of a sewerage treatment plant The second stage or the secondary treatment By craig slack The second is the stage that is meant to destroy nutrients and remaining solids. The tank which the waste enters has many different communities of bacteria. These different comunities break down different kinds of pollution and nutrients. The third and final stage or the tertiary treatment The tertiary stage checks the water quality before it is recycled. This including removing any non-organic meterials that have survived first 2 treatments. In this stage, they also kill any bacteria, parisites, viruses or any other organisms that can harm the publics health. and this is a sewage diver. Once the sewage has been cleaned and dis-infected, it can be flowed back into the ocean. The End mmm... sewage diving....
Wouldn't you just love his job? Now it's time for a quick quiz! 1. What are the three main steps in sewage treatment? a. Primary, secondary, thirdary b. primary secondary, finally c. primary, secondary, tertiary 2. What does the bacteria do is the second stage? a. create diseases. b. break down pollutants and nutrients.
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