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Values Education

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Transcript of Values Education

and its links to the Australian Curriculum Values Education What is it? Implementing the National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools Education helps build and support Australia's national values Values Education resource The Values Education site will support teachers and schools meet the requirements of the first four learning areas of the Australian Curriculum:
It has embedded practices that also include the General Capabilities and the Cross-curriculum priorities The foundation and good practice principles for values education "Australia is described as a nation that is democratic, equitable and just, prosperous, cohesive, culturally diverse and that values Australia's Indigenous cultures.

"Schools play a vital role in promoting the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral, spiritual and aesthetic development and wellbeing of young Australians." Values Education is an initiative of the Australian Government "Any explicit and/or implicit school-based activity which promotes student understanding and knowledge of values, and which develops the skills and dispositions of students so they can enact particular values as individuals and as members of the wider community". National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools, 2005 p8.
http://www.valueseducation.edu.au/verve/_resources/Framework_PDF_version_for_the_web.pdf Schools reach an agreement about the values of the school community.
Whole-school approaches sustain values education.
School leadership is critical to the development of values education.
Values must be articulated and explicitly taught.
Staff in schools need to model the school values to their school community.
Building positive relationships in classrooms is core to values education.
Values education is successful when it is integral to all aspects of school life.
Cluster schools can develop effective teacher professional development and quality teaching and learning.
Supportive critical friends and mentors contribute to the professional development and the values education work of schools. At the heart of what we do: values education at the centre of schooling Some principles of good practice Consistently use a common and shared values language.
Use pedagogies that are values-focused and student-centred.
Integrate values education into other curriculum areas.
Explicitly teach values so students know how the values are lived.
Model the values and explicitly foster the values.
Develop approaches to connect local and global contexts.
Foster values education to encourage intercultural understanding, social cohesion and inclusion.
Inform, sustain and target professional learning of teachers and encourage professional collaboration.
Giving voice to the impacts of values education Values education leads to five key impacts on students' learning Values consciousness
Transformation Values Education and the Australian Curriculum, Commonwealth of Australia, 2011 www.valueseducation.edu.au Values Education resources Links to the Australian Curriculum: teacher resources On the Values Education website there has been some curriculum mapping to show the links between the resources found on the Values Education site and the Australian Curriculum.

This includes the learning areas for Phase 1 and the year levels identified in the Australian Curriculum.

To access some of these resources you will need an access key code. For the resources section of the site you will not require the code.

The access key code is available to Australian schools and is available by contacting the Values Education Team at: (03) 9207 9600 or by emailing valuesresources@curriculum.edu.au. www.valueseducation.edu.au
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