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Marketing (February 15)

Madeleine H

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of E-Commerce

By: Madeleine
and Andreea
in Retail
Electronic Commerce or e-Commerce is the industry of
products or services over electronic systems (i.e. the internet)
Major retailers around the world have changed the way they sell
because the evolving e-commerce industry
Examples of major Canadian retailers who have adapted to these changes are:
Canadian Tire
Home Depot
Online Shopping
Online Shopping is the key aspect of e-commerce.
It is replacing physical shopping more and more every day. Many retail stores have worked on creating a better online shopping experience just like they do in stores.
Online shopping allows for more variety, and many times things not found in stores will be online.
All the retailers we looked at had online shopping except Canadian Tire.
Ways to Pay
Buying, Returning and Shipping
"In-Stock" Feature
With the exception of cash, online shopping has very similar payment methods to physically buying something at a store
Most major retailers accept a variety of credit cards, debits cards and PayPal as payment
Not only that but you can also use gift cards online.
Walmart even has the option to order online then go within 2 days to a store to pay with cash. Although it doesn’t eliminate going to the store, you can get items that may not be in your local area.
Also, many of the retailers have an option to pay later or in payments. That is: Walmart, Sears, and Home Depot
An important feature in the websites of
retail stores is the option to search if they have the item you would like at your local store
Instead of going all the way to the store then realizing that they don't have your item in stock, you can save time and wait to purchase the item when it is available
Retailers try to make their online shopping as easy and as close to physical buying as possible, as seen by the many payment methods.
The obvious difference is that when you buy an item online, you have to go through shipping.
One of the most disliked parts of online shopping is the shipping price; many Canadians see it as a waste of money. Walmart, Target and Home Depot all offer free shipping.
This makes online shopping much more convenient and worth it.
Returns can also be made for items purchased online. It is simply shipped back and the money is reimbursed.
That way buying online is made just as convenient as buying in store.
On all the retailer websites you can create an online account
This gives you options such as tracking your order, finding out about deals and purchase history
They also allow you to create wish lists of what you want and keep them for future reference
They can also give you sales alerts when an item that you want is on sale
All the retailers we looked at had accounts and most of these features
Customer Service

Customer service is also important for shopping in general.
Whether it is to ask questions about products or complain or just get advice
Customer service had transferred over into e-commerce in a few ways.

-The first is “contact us” each retailer has this option on their website to pretty much ask everything you would in stores. It can be done by phone or email.
-There is also the FAQ section.
-This is another option to contact us, and an easy way to get answers for common questions.
-Every retailer we looked at had FAQ’s that were very thorough.
Contact Us/FAQ
A way to get advice about a product on the Internet would be through reviews
Each retailer has included a review of their products where customers can read and share their thoughts with others.
It is not the same as when buying in a store, as you are relying on customer’s opinions not the employees but in some ways that can be more beneficial.
Reviews online allow you to see what other people who have purchased the product thought, when an employee might not have used the product or be biased
Buying Guides
One feature that we found only on Canadian Tire was buying guides.This was a very useful and simple tool similar to going to the store and asking an employee at Canadian Tire what they recommend.
They have guides on many types of products they carry.Each guide is very detailed and easy to use. They even include diagrams and questions that someone in store would ask you.
Advertisements, Flyers, and Catalogues
Flyers contain information about new deals in stores and new products that are available for purchasing
In the past, most retail stores have weekly or monthly flyers delivered to their potential customers houses, usually in the newspaper or in the mail
As technology improves, these flyers can be viewed online
Many stores have the option to print out coupons on the items they sell in store and online
These coupons can be printed and given to a cashier at the store or, codes can be entered to allow a discount on items purchased online
Walmart gives customers the option to share their coupons with friends via facebook, twitter, and email to advertise their deals
Companies such as Sears have been known for their seasonal catalogues which showcase the new items they have in store and online to purchase
With the growing e-commerce industry, these large catalogues can be viewed online in a virtual format
Not only are virtual catalogues convenient, but they save loads of paper as well
The Future of

Canadian Tire will enter the e-commerce industry with online shopping.
Everyone will have free shipping; free shipping is something that online shopping consumers constantly look for and all big retailers should meet these demands.
Other retailers to implement buying guides like Canadian Tire. It is a useful tool that could really improve the online shopping experience for customers.
Stores will be used for customers to physically test out products instead of asking questions and purchasing items there because this can now be done online
What we predict for the future:
The Best and The Worst E-commerce
They do not sell even the small appliances online
To adapt to the growing e-commerce industry they must have online shopping made available.
Buying guides are a good feature but you must go into the store to purchase the item anyway with no online shopping option
Best: Walmart
Had many features we thought were good for e-commerce For example, Free Shipping, “Bill Me Later” and pay with cash plus most of the other online features we talked about.The website is well organized when searching for products
Detailed store flyers specific to what is available to your local store
Order tracking to see an estimate of when your order will arrive
Thorough customer service section; essentially like speaking to an employee at the store but with the convenience of a computer
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