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No description

Connor O'Grady

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Belgium

found in 1831 significant wars
world war 1 world war 2 naploeon war
ww1-more cultures ww2-united with usa napolen w-came together by treaty main population
5.5 mill=flanders
4 mill=wallons
100,000=germans flag
red-valour,strength,bravery,hardiness brussell is belgiums capital euros are belgiums money languages
flanders= flander dialects
wallons= dutch dialects
german=german dialects religon
roman cathloic goverment
federal parliment democracy under a constitional monarch
machinery,eguipment,chemicals,diamonds,metals, and metal products tourism
the buildings and fountains are common tourist attractions food
the most famous food is belgium waffels,beer, and chocolate. (fun fact)
Belgians basically invented the fancy chocolate industry in the early 20th century land
coastal plain-sand dunes and polders
central plateu- smooth and vertile valleys
Ardennes-forested and very rocky sports and hobbies
soccer, track stuff, bikeing, and ice skating important people
Hercule poirot invented the saxophone,internal combustion engines, stroboscope,bakelite,road asphalt, and the big bang folklore
kludde- waterspirit climate
cool summer mild winter music
electonic dance music map Belgium
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