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The First Nations of the Plains

No description

Aurangzaib Gill

on 30 April 2011

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Transcript of The First Nations of the Plains

The First Nations of the Plains By: Amanda,Alex,Sivethan,Manahil,Michelle,Aurang Principal Tribes 1) Blackfoot
2) Blood
3) Peigan
4) Gros Ventre
5) Plains Cree
6) Assiniboine
7) Sioux
8) Sarcee Transportation Dogs were the first means to transport supplies. Horse became apart of transportation in the 1700's. Travois were two long poles fastened together on a webbed frame for holding articles. The Travois poles were attached to the dogs. Large dogs were known to transport as much as 35 kilograms, and each family owned many dogs, so they can transport items and articles. Housing The Nations of the Plains needed portable housing as they followed the buffalos. The most common housing is the teepee. There was large space at the rear of the teepee. Also, the teepee was easier to brace againist winds. The teepee was firmly planted in the ground.The teepee was not a simple cone, but was quite longer along the back. This allowed for better ventilation. Uses of Buffalo Did you know a pemmican could be eaten, even after many years? Pemmican was a mixture of dried and powdered meat, melted fat and berries. Women of the First Plains Nation made pemmican and put them into skin bags. The pemmican contained vitamin C, and high protein. The teepee was made of buffalo skin. Also, the fur from the buffalo warmed the children and the families in cold nights. Horns were used for cups and spoons. Did you know that EVERY part of the buffalo was used? Hunting Hunting the buffalo was an art that the PLains First Nations peoples perfected. One of the hunting methods were the "Buffalo Jump". Bows and arrows were the main weapons the First Nations of the Plains used. To catch their prey, they made suprise attacks. Clothing Most of the clothing was made from Buffalo Skin. The clothing usually consisted of breecloths held up by a belt for men, shirts reached below knee for women. The tribes wore different headdresses. Items on the headdresses showed meaning (eg: bravery). In cooler weather, men wore skin shirts and moccasins, while women wore leggings tied just above the knee. Ceremonies and Beliefs Like there were warring societies of the Plains First Nations, there were dancing societies. The dances were usually performed during summer gatherings. The Blackfoot Sun Dance was one of the most spectacular dances. Only a few chosen men would dance. Self-torture was the end of the dance. Conclusion By now you have you have learned many things about the First Nations of the Plains. During our research and taking notes, we found that The First Nations of the Plains were very brave, strong and respectful. Thanks for watching! Quick Introduction Good morning/afternoon fellow classmates and teachers. Today we would like to share many interesting and fascinating facts about the First Nations of the Plains. Sit back and enjoy! Pictures
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