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Peak Oil

Shell's Long Term Strategies

Zain Waleed

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Peak Oil

Blueprints Scenario
Scramble Scenario
How can we help our environment with less CO emission?
There are many beautiful tips for living a green lifestyle
Is sugarcane-derived ethanol really
Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Electric Vehicles
For example
By recycling, we decrease
greenhouse gas emissions that somewhat results global climate change
we sustain the environment for future generations by conserving our natural resources and reducing the quantity of waste that are being sent to landfills
we are able to prevent pollution and save valuable energy
and finally, we create jobs and build a strong economy and community
These helpful tips are just examples of The most important thing for people to remember is that every small and simple contribution to recycling to protect our own surroundings surely adds up to how our present society shape and develop our nation's future, as well as the earth's future.
Top recycling tips
Recycle recyclable materials, including

many kinds of glass, , metal,

plastics, ,textiles and electronics.
Supporting recycling does not mean only recycling recyclable materials but also buying recycled products
As long as you use a biodegradable soap, you can water your garden with leftover bathwater or dish washing water. This action contributes to water recycling
Donate clothes, shoes and toys that you do not want anymore to a local charity or shop
Take advantage of double sided printing and try to only print items when definitely necessary
Look for products that contains less packaging to help reduce waste
Now that we know what is the significance of recycling, this leads to our next topic ....
Green transport or sustainable transport delimit emissions and waste within the earth while making a positive assistance to the environmental, economic and social sustainability.
Green transportation minimizes the bad impact that most of the transportation has upon the environment.
Green transportation affirmatively reduces air pollution which vehicles produce, helps you save money, diminishes carbon footprint when traveling and maintain energy.
Practice walking or riding a bike instead of driving vehicles to save money and to prevent pollution. Moreover, this action is also good for our health and a natural form of green transportation
Find a carpool to help more carbon dioxide

from causing climate change and to start going
Maintain your vehicle
Turn off the air conditioner in your vehicles so you can avoid the additional energy from requiring which comes from the engine.
It is the right time to introduce to you the

Green gardening means to provide community demands however, in the intervening time making the natural surroundings finer for future generations
Green Gardening is all about avoiding chemicals which have an adverse impact upon wildlife, removing pest and weed, being responsible when using water, preventing equipments with fossil fuels just as trimmers and leaf blowers, using native plants, reusing and re purposing items for your garden and so on
Green gardening can save your money and time, offer you nutritional benefits, enhance the environment and improve your diet.
Furthermore, green gardening can be a community builder, a tool for stronger family and development of each individual because green gardening are able to unite neighborhoods and put families happily together
gardening tips
Make a homemade insecticidal soap to eliminate the use of chemicals in your garden. Go to the link below to learn how to make your own homemade insecticidal soap

Build good and rich soil
Use water appropriately
Minimize use of pesticides or herbicides
Put plants that has a similar water needs together
Do not over water
Use organic fertilizers
Control weed by preventing weed seed from growing
Select the best plants
Use reusable shopping bags to avoid plastic bags
Local Food
Did you know that eating local food have more advantages than eating preservative food from supermarket?
Here are the advantages of eating local
Most local food that are produced at a farmers' market has been picked within 24 hours with its original freshness and full flavor unlike in supermarket in which food may have been picked weeks or months before.
"Local food is food that is grown in a local area, supporting a local economy."

- Low Carbon Diet -
Local food can definitely reduce our carbon footprint, helping us to live a
lifestyle. It not only helps improve the environment, it also provide us fresher food that often accommodates more nutrients which is good for our health
Did you ever ask yourself about the food you are eating? Were you ever been curious about what pesticides were used or is the food genetically modified? These questions are in fact way too easier to answer if you choose to eat locally
You eat what's in season when you eat locally. During winter, cherries from the other side of the world, for example, are flavorless compared to the original taste of cherries from Farmers' Market or Vegetable and Fruit Market during summer
When you eat local foods, you can help save the environment from gas emissions and others. Further, eating locally reduces oil and gas used
By buying local food from Farmers' Market, you are able to keep your money flowing within the area surrounding you. Thereupon, this support your local economy
Be more conscious of what you eat because this may help you lower your weight and help your overall health. You can do this more often when you eat locally
Few tips on how you can support
Local Food
Local foods are usually comes from local farms that uses old tools and implements, contains less machinery, have large amount of labour, uses traditional farming with less chemicals, has more fresh products and produces organic foods. As a matter of fact, local food is very dissimilar to Commercial farms that produces food with the use of chemicals such as preservative food, uses modern methods to farm such as machines and has a small amount of labour
GMO means genetically modified organisms which can be defined as organisms that has been altered to provide characteristics that seem desirable. If local food is GMO- free, this means it is safe to eat and does not contains potential human health impacts and potential environmental impacts
Be a smart shopper and shop at Farmers' Markets
Choose restaurants that source locally
Look for food products that are labeled organic
Peak Oil
By The Avengers and Psy
States prioritising their own energy security above all other considerations
Governments neglect action to address climate change until major events like floods and severe storms prompt response
Action to tackle energy demand and promote efficiency comes only when supplies become tight
Emerging coalitions and interests that results in policies to manage energy demand
Cross-border alignment create incentives for the development of low-carbon energy resources
Deployment of technologies to moderate emissions.
•Rising energy demand
•Tightening energy supplies
•The growing impact of climate change
•Intensified economic volatility
•Sensationalized by global warming advocates

The Challenges of Peak Oil
Natural Gas
> A combustible mixture of hydrocarbon gases(formed primarily of methane, it can also include ethane, propane, butane and pentane)

> clean burning and emits lower levels of potentially harmful byproducts
* CO2 emission - 30 percent less than oil and 45 percent less than coal
* doesn't produce ash particles like coal and oil do
Alternative Energies ?
"Backing Blueprints was controversial, but Shell is part of the world and ultimately a more sustainable world is a better place to do business."
Shell and Natural Gas
Jeremy Bentham, Head of Scenarios
believes that it is an important component of a sustainable global energy mix

supply natural gas to more countries than any other energy company

pioneering new technologies to help tap difficult-to-reach natural gas deposits
Example: Alternative Fuel for Transport
Example: Alternative Fuel for Transport
Pearl GTL
No. of cars expected to triple by 2050.
The world needs an alternative transport fuel option to meet increasing demand.
Electric and Hydrogen Fuel cars will have an increasing importance.
Natural gas will also be big part of the mix. (Number 1, still petrol and diesel)
Best commercially viable Option --> Blend between petrol/diesel with biofuel
Prelude FLNG

Pearl GTL
the world’s largest gas-to-liquids plant, located in Qatar

produces and processes around 1.6 billion cubic feet a day of wellhead gas

will process about three billion barrels-of-oil-equivalent over its lifetime
Prelude FLNG
a floating liquified natural gas facility to be located off the coast of Australia
announced investment in May 2011; construction started October 2012; due to be completed by around 2017
natural gas produced at the field to –162°C (-260°F), shrinking its volume by 600 times so it can be shipped to customers in other parts of the world
has been designed to withstand the most powerful tropical cyclones
The facility will be moored and hooked up to the undersea infrastructure and the whole production system commissioned.
The commercialisation of both technologies relies on new vehicles and refuelling infrastructure and consumer acceptance.

Shell is learning more about consumer behaviour, safety, cost, and the dispensing and storage of hydrogen.

Shell participates in partnerships that explore the development of a hydrogen market and help reduce costs.

How can we reduce CO emission?
Shell recognises that electric vehicles will become increasingly common in the coming years.
Another alternative energy that Shell can explore into is: Biomass. Biomass as energy includes conversion of biomass feedstock into solid biofuel (pellets, briquettes), biomass power plant projects (co-firing, methane capture), liquid biofuel such as diesel and ethanol.

Biomass as high value chemicals applies to the development of valuable chemical precursors such as sugar alcohols, ethanol, and lactic acid.

MNCs: Do the right thing and help save our environment!
Save our planet PLEASE!
ExxonMobil says : Technology is enabling the safe development of once hard-to-produce energy resources, significantly expanding available supplies to meet the world’s changing energy needs. Oil will remain the No. 1 global fuel, while natural gas will overtake coal for the No. 2 spot.
Lowest-carbon biofuel (Brazilian sugar cane)
Cheaper than oil
Requires land that may be used for food production instead
Safety issue (ethanol is more combustible compared to oil)
A key issue for energy suppliers and distributors is whether to enter the business of commercialising ‘disruptive’ technology, and if so, where to place strategic bets.
Decreasing food production in exchange for alternative sources of energy such as biofuel is a trade-off too heavy to bear!
New concepts for alternative energy
Algae fuel
Biogas digestion
Other Alternative energy sources
Solar energy
Wind energy
Geothermal energy
Nuclear energy
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