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Extended Project

No description

Lucy Durham

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Extended Project

Extended Project - To what extent does the media have a direct affect on women's body image?
Photo Editing Software
Social Media
Skills Development
Since beginning Extended Project, it has allowed me to:

In depth selective and independent research
Analytical - broad and topical issue
Extended writing - other subjects don't use it & Dissertation skills for university
Time Management and Organization
Communication skills with teacher and listening
Critical decision making - what I included
The Film Industry
Films such as Shallow Hal and Bridget Jones highlight that females are represented comedic and the films surround some form of mockery of their weight.
Medical Context
Healthy BMI
Eating Disorders- Anorexia & Bulimia
Compulsive Eating Disorder affects 5% of the general population
Why Extended Project?
Self perception can be dangerously inaccurate.
The freedom you are given.
Pick a subject you are interested in, create your own hypothesis, and begin to develop arguments for and against it.
Take control of your own study.

Historical Context
Marilyn Monroe & Adele Adkins
Case Studies
The Fashion Industry
How easy it is.
Some celebrities such as Beyonce have refused permission for companies to use their images because they retouched them.
There has always been women who have took drastic measures to change themselves!

Women in the Victorian era had ribs removed to achieve that hourglass figure
Women wore corsets
The diet of women from 1920 to 1960 changed due to the impact of the war and their careers

The Difficulties

To find academic research - books
To keep it neutral without opinions
To decide which aspects to look at? Male?
For example, first thing you do when you wake up? Most probably check your phone. Scroll through a few social networks.

"Why is fat funny?"
Objectification of women across worldwide cinema.
Laura Mulveys theory highlights this as "to-be-looked-at-ness"
The rise of the 'selfie'
Social Networking and how it altered girls self perception of themselves
The Celebrity Influence
Mannequins for high street stores such as Mango have size 6 frames, this being four dress sizes away from the UK average of a 14.

Victoria Secret "Angels" as they are named have to follow a strict diet along with a grueling exercise regime in order to work as a model for the lingerie company.
Debenhams using a paralympic, elderly, plus size and a variety of different models for their campaign, and even won awards for it
6 more months...
Strengths and Weaknesses

Reliability of sources
In terms of NHS BMI, Olympians would be classed as overweight, from their high level of muscle.
Demi Lovato's Twitter Outrage at Disney
Media coverage on famous ladies without their make-up, why is it such a bad thing to go bare faced?
A celebrity determined to not let the media phase her in terms of her body image.
The media are adapting.
They are
to portray women differently.
Women are
all going to look the way they are portrayed. Women want to see
. However, beauty sells, for now at least.
Did you enjoy it? Would you do it again?

I looked forward to finding out new information and watching my project grow and develop.
Male body image as well as female.
Conduct independent research on women's media consumption linked with their self perception
Newspaper articles
Academic journals
YouTube videos
Previous study
A range of sources
The range of sources I had
The general knowledge in media field from study
Lack of experience

Thank-you for listening!
Magazine Industry
Women's magazines are just as objectifying as males.
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