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SCC - Supporter Engagement

No description

Safe Cities KH

on 28 July 2015

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Transcript of SCC - Supporter Engagement

Let's make the issue REAL
Breaking it down
The Power of Campaigning
Supporter Engagement!
What is the Point?

We mobilise people:
Campaigning is when we

individuals or groups to

others in order to effect a desired
social, economic, environmental
or political

To mobilise people, we need to get them
interested and engaged!
Internet vs. Real Life
The internet did not invent mass mobilising! People campaigned before the web existed (eg to end slavery, for women's right to vote)
Never before in history have campaigners been able to reach so many people with our messages, so easily - and instantly! The number of Cambodians getting access to internet is growing FAST.
The challenge is, with so many people saying so much,
how do we 'drown out the noise'
and make ourselves heard?
A stunt or activity done offline (in the real world) specifically to post online as viral content
The Engagement Pyramid...
Let's go viral!
Offline to online
Boring is not shareable!
ActionAid Italy's Land Grabs Campaign.
'It isn't happening here, but it is happening.'
'Before it's too late.'
IWD 2015, Phnom Penh
Let's get
Stunts and Protests
Make people stop and think.
Building our supporter base through campaigning activities
Our supporters are going to be at different levels. Some have job commitments, some are studying, some are just busy!

Most supporters will stay at a low level of engagement, but others will 'move up' to become more engaged, active and committed.

That's why it's so important that activities and messaging are interesting, exciting and powerful - to bring people further with us to make the change we want to see together!

Expression of vision through art
Public-Facing, 'Outreach' Campaigning Tactics
What are some TACTICS we can use to engage our supporters and reach out to new ones? All while influencing our target? Let's have a look...
• To bring authentic voices to the campaign to enhance legitimacy and influence

• To ensure the campaign is informed by real-life experiences of people affected by the issue

• To demonstrate to decision makers that public opinion is behind you (strength in numbers!)

• To make a big bang!

• To influence public opinion -
attitudinal and behaviour change
Supporters are people who take some action alongside us to influence a social, economic, environmental or political change.
Video: Attitude and Behaviour change
(Get their details at the same time!)
And/ or online!
Your turn! What kind of tactics will help reach, engage or involve supporters in your Campaign Stream?
Write the tactics down on sticky notes.
'Leading' tactics
And here is one with tactics mapped onto it!
'Women are not moving around the city for your amusement.' SAY NO TO STREET HARASSMENT
This is what an Engagement Pyramid looks like:
'Contributing' tactics
'Owning' tactics
'Endorsing' tactics
'Following' tactics
'Observing' tactics
Always be *STRATEGIC.* Try thinking about it like this:
We are mobilizing people...
To take action
To achieve goal
To create impact in the world.
Think about whether they are:
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