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Moby Dick: Find the Whale

moby dick presentation

Katie McCaffrey

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Moby Dick: Find the Whale

The Journey for the Whale Can You Capture Moby Dick? Start Your Whaling Journey The Whale
Must Die! Your ship, The Pequod, is leaving Narragansett Harbor. Do you ignore your thirst for revenge on the whale that took your leg or pursue it? Safety and
Profit First You have worked hard and smart. You and your crew made a small profit in the dying occupation of whaling. You may all continue your average lives. You have chosen to ignore your passion and remain calm and logical Your crew is happy with your decision. To secure your vengeance and find
the white whale you must make some decisions. Revenge Ignore Unfortunately the real Ahab was not as smart as you are... lets see decision he made Your emotions have gotten the best of you, just like what happened to the real Captain Ahab! The crew thinks you are crazy and they don't share your passion for revenge. You need to motivate them so you can capture the whale, but how?
Threats or a Bribe? Threats Bribe Money Makes the World Go Round You were right! Bribing the crew with money works! Captain Ahab figured this out too and promised a Spanish gold doubloon for who ever spots Moby Dick first. But the crew still thinks you are crazy and no one has spotted the infamous white whale.. How do you react to the crews discontent? Listen to them and accept defeat or let them complain while you search for Moby Dick? Give Up on Your Quest Keep Hunting Your drive for revenge isn't strong enough. You stop looking for Moby Dick and return to normal whaling. Congrats! The crew stops complaining and calling you a lunatic. Moby Dick and your crew get to live a peaceful life. However, Captain Abe would call you a coward as he continues his hunt. Let's check in with him. Captain Ahab would be so proud! Following in his footsteps you keep tracking the whale. But let's see if he would be proud of how you handle the ominous disasters that happen on the ship as the quest continues and you get closer and closer to the evil white whale. Facing a destructive fire and the death of some of your crew, is the whale worth the danger or is enough enough? Enough is Enough Risk it Danger is My Middle Name Forfeit You gave up. The struggle wore out your determination. You lost to the life on the sea. You have already lost so much. you cut your losses and head home defeated. Captain Abe, unlike you, isn't a quitter. The battle goes on! Lets follow him. If danger is your middle name, then your first name should be Ahab! Your quest goes on! All your struggles finally pay off! You spot the whale a short ways off and prepare your men for the battle of their lives. You set your crew off in all the small whaling vessels with their harpoons ready. But Moby Dick is taking them out, one by one. You only have one option.. Its All or Nothing Do it now This is the chance you have been fighting for, Moby Dick is within your weapons range. You throw your last harpoon. It is a direct hit. The white whale dives into the ocean's depths. Your entire crew waits in silence because they can't believe their eyes.. The Power of Fear You try to threaten your men into submission. You gather the crew and warn that any man unwilling fight for your cause will be gotten rid of immediately. With a crazy cackle you say "It is a long swim back to the states from the Indian ocean boys!" After your announcement the crew goes silent, and then there is an uproar. You find yourself thrown overboard taking that long swim you had threatened about. Your quest is over and your life is soon to follow. Ahab's journey continues thanks to his decision. Let us catch up with him. To find out what becomes of you and Moby Dick turn to page 1 of Melville's novel and start reading.
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