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An ABC powerpoint about Spain

Mayura Rimpisiri

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of SPAIN

By: Mayura Rimpisiri SPAIN Animal Zamora The national animal of Spain is the bull. It symbolizes power and immortality. If you ever visit Spain, here are some souvenirs you can bring back from your trip:

- Bullfighting Poster with Your Name on It
- Spanish Fan
- Sword from Toledo Keepsakes Francisco de Quevedo is one of Spain's greatest writers. He is referred to as a premiere(talented) poet, satirist, and novelist during Spain´s Golden Age. Quevedo Úbeda is a beautiful renaissance town, which is one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites. Zamora is an ancient city located in the region of Castilla y Leon. It is filled with history, charm, and traditions. ESPANA ESPANA Madrid Madrid Spain Madrid Madrid MADRID SPAIN MADRID Spain SPAIN Madrid SPAIN Espana Espana SPAIN SPAIN Madrid Espana MADRID Spain MADRID Spain ESPANA Spain Madrid Spain SPAIN Espana Espana Spain Madrid MADRID Espana SPAIN Madrid SPAIN ESPANA MADRID ESPANA MADRID Spain Espana Madrid SPAIN M A D R I D Espana SPAIN Spain Madrid ESPANA ESPANA MADRID S P A I N MADRID S P A I N MADRID Espana ESPANA Spain ESPANA Madrid E S P A N A Spain Capital Dance Exports Food Holidays Imports L'Hemisferic Flamenco is a type of dance in Spain. Song, dance and guitar are blended into passionate rhythms which are often improvised. The capital of Spain is Madrid. It is considered a major cultural center of Europe because it's located exactly in the center of the country. Marcha Real Nature Olympic Pablo Picasso Ribera del Duero Sport Tourism Valencia Wine Yuste Government Xerez Valencia is an important town with interesting medieval history and capital of the old Kingdom of Valencia. It is also the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. Xerez is the old spelling for Jerez, sherry, the famous wine and town. (Jerez de la Frontera) Yuste is an old monastery where Emperor Carlos I of Spain retired in his last years before dying there. Úbeda The L'Hemisferic is an eye catching architectural masterpiece located in Valencia, Spain. It is designed by an architect named Santiago Calatrava. The most played sport in Spain is football or soccer. Spain has 4 professional soccer teams; Barcelona, Real Madrid, Athletic de Bilbao, and Sevilla. Spain has a hereditary monarch government which means that a person is in charge by blood or family line. There are other branches of government like prime minister too. One of the many holidays of Spain is the Granda International Festival of Music and Dance. There, you can watch the different styles of dance or listen to the different styles of music. MADRID Spain is famous for it's nature. It's very fantastic and very versatile due to the landform and climate. Spain is a popular place for tourists to visit, due to nice climates, rich cultural influences, good food, and more. The tourism industry in Spain is the 2nd largest in the world. Typical food in the southern part of Spain is usually made of fruits and vegetables. At the coast, they prefer seafood and shellfish. Spain is famous for its Paella, which is spiced rice, vegetables, chicken, and shellfish. Marcha Real, is the name of the national anthem of Spain. It was originally called Marcha Granadera. It was adopted in 1770. Spain first participated in the Olympic Games in 1900. It has hosted the Olympics once, in 1992 and won in that very same year. Spain's major imports are:

- Machinery
- Semi-finished goods
- Consumer goods
- Medicine Southeast:
- Tomatoes
- Cucumbers
- Sweet peppers
- Melons

- Citruses
- Olive trees
- Grapevines North:
- Motor vehicles
- Basic metals
- Machinery
- Chemicals
- Minerals
- Textiles About 15.5% of the world's vineyards are in Spain, making Spain the number one ranked country in the world in terms of area covered by vineyards. Ribera del Duero is one of the most prestigious wine producing areas in the world. The Jota is a type of music and dance that exists throughout Spain, but the origin lie in the region of Aragon. Jota Bullfighting in Spain is a traditional performance/show that became popular in the 18th century. Bullfighting Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter and sculptor. He is well known for his abstract art. (also known as cubism art)
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