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West Coast Wellness

Wellness on the GO

George Cleveland

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of West Coast Wellness

Present by "You's Guys" West Coast Wellness on the Go 1.How successful has Heather been at negotiating her demands? Did Heather leave anything on the table? What leadership characteristics has Heather displayed? •Intelligent, Driven, and Optimistic
•Comforting, Honest, and Sincere
•Prepared, Professional, and Agreeable
Summary This case problem is about a woman named Heather Wyoming. Heather is the director of marketing for West Coast Wellness. Heather has this exciting proposal she wants to present to the executive committee which includes her boss. So there is a meeting planed and in this meeting Heather will present her idea. And that idea is to hire in three new sales and marketing representatives. So heather proceeds in making her point and the committee raises a couple of concerns one is how will the company pay for these three new sales reps and how can they be sure that they will deliver on Heathers high expectation and make more money for the company verses a loss. So Heather has to present and back up her proposal for hire ring three new sales representation No, Heather didn’t leave anything on the table.

•Heather talked about how hiring 3 additional sales reps would not cost West Coast Wellness anything.
•Heather discussed how the company could expand in Wellness Services, despite the regional economy cooling down.
•Heather also told the executive board of West Coast Wellness, the benefit that they could have in getting a larger share in the Wellness market.
Question 2 Question 3 Overall Heather did a great job debating her views on hiring additional sales reps. Heather were very organized in the planning of the meeting; she even brought in healthy snacks for the committee to enjoy. Heather presented her view and took feed back calmly; she stayed focus so that the committee should see her full vision. Heather did not leave anything on the table; she thought about every aspect and was prepared for the concerns of the committee. Heather knew what questions would be asked before they were asked. Because heather did not leave anything on the table she came out of the meeting with a compromise although she did not get authorization to hire three reps she was given permission to hire one. And if that sales rep do a good job she can hire in more so the opportunity for her vision is still open,

Heather leadership characteristics just to list a few are Intelligent, Driven Optimistic Honest, Sincere, Prepared, Professional, and Agreeable.
Intro - Started strong with her argument
- Acknowledged everyone’s point of view
- Addressed their concerns
- In the end came to a win-win
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