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Technology in the classroom

No description

Heather DuFrame

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Technology in the classroom

Technology in the Classroom Stance: I am against technology in the classroom. It can be confusing and waste time. Websites have many gliches and this can affect students grades. Opposition:
1. Kids won't fall behind in school. If they can find a computer they can get their work done.
2. Computers make learning more fun and exciting for students.
3. Children are able to further their education by find more information faster. Support for my Stance:
1. Some children don't have computers at home, therefore can't complete the homework assigned to them.
2. Information found on the internet isn't always correct or accurate.
3. There are websites used in class that don't always work and this can affect students grades.
4. Websites that don't work and cause an assignment to be abanded waste time.
5. Computer programs can be confusing to kids and frustrate them.
6. New technology programs are expensive and are costly to schools.
7. When given their own computers students sometimes become distracted and don't pay attention.
8. Training kids to use these new programs and websites is time-consuming and just another thing for them to learn.
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