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Digital Transformation

No description

John-Matthew Sinclair

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation
Begin selling IYP as a separate product
IYP has begun to decline worldwide with flat to mid-single digit revenues
GD has one sales force model selling all products to all customers in the same manner
Top 10 Changes required
the "global" journey
to become a Digital/Technology Company
1. Define and implement the culture for a digital / technology company
2. Focus on the consumer as the key strategy for product needs
3. Protect the print product
4. Begin selling IYP as a separate product
5. Evaluate costs in order to preserve margins and fund digital growth
6. Develop and partner for new non-directory products
7. Improve Sales execution
8. Evaluate IT capabilities and needs
9. Develop Business Intelligence for Sales Effectiveness
10. Streamlined Organizational Structure – Business Unit Based

Define and implement the culture for a
digital / technology company
The current processes and structure support a print environment
12 month cycle
no sense of urgency
digital products are sold as add-ons to print products
print is still "KING"
Create modern sounding values & behaviours
What does our staff expect of a Digital Business?
Develop Employee Value Proposition - "Take on Tomorrow"
Create Themes
How do we attract the millennials? techies? technical sellers?
Overall description of the type of people we want/need
why would someone want to work in a new transforming business?
Components of a sample Cultural Change Program
Focus on the consumer as the key strategy for product needs
Make data a priority
Be top of Mind; bring the advertiser along
Be where the consumers are so the advertiser will want to be there
products anytime, anywhere products, services and in-depth information
Protect the Print Product!
GD is surpasing intl benchmarks
Hold print revenues and grow revenues to help fund digital growth
*yet to experience world wide print decline - It is COMING!
Print Product "Truths"
Once the print decline begins, it is never reversed
Some markets are already beginning to see single digit revenue growth
Most companies are already starting the digital transformation because it is difficult to achieve print results
Tactics to address Print Issues
Business Intelligence & Customer Relationship Management
Boost Programs
Value based pricing by heading based on usage
Focus on High Impact Products
Rollover accounts & evergreen billing
Commision plan accelerators
No rate increases
Reinvent how we sell IYP
*buy what you did last year and get an upgrade this year
GD should begin to sell IYP separately before with window of opportunity closes
IYP can also protect overall Company margins as we expand the digital product line
Ongoing enhancements will be required to make IYP site "top of mind"
Evaluate Costs in order to preserve margins and fund digital growth
A complete cost review should be done evaluating vendor contracts, looking for variable cost opportunities rather than fixed
A complete end-to-end process review needs to be conducted across the entire business
In a digital world, the print processes should be on “auto-pilot” requiring very little action and FTE
Outsourcing costs should be reviewed for in-house opportunities, vendor evaluation or contract renegotiation
Develop and partner for new non-directory products
New products from Google should continue to be rolled out
Business development & partnerships need to be developed to add new
Mobile products and services should become a strategic core competency in the move to a digital business given the substantial uptake in smart phone and tablet ownership and usage
More In-house product development / R&D
How Do We Improve Sales Execution?
The mass market model selling the same products to all customers in the same manner will become too cumbersome and difficult as the digital product-line expands (and expands quickly)
A high volume customer base requires transactional selling in order to be as efficient as possible
To become a digital / technological sales company a more sophisticated GTM model is required;
Business intelligence is needed in order to develop the right sales model for selling the correct product to the correct customer
How do we change?
Eventually a new model will be needed to sell an expanded non-directory products & business services product line
Post-sales support to the customer should be implemented to facilitate year round selling and year round customer contact
Perpetual billing needs to be implemented to help customer acquisition/growth in the digital product area in order to focus on growth instead of renewal
This will likely include multiple sales forces to quickly gain traction on new product sales
Our first step sales channel change in order to sell digital products will be to align 1 digital expert to each team
How do we change?
GD has one sales force model selling all products to all customers in the same manner!
Post Sales Customer Support
Move to year round selling and customer contact
Develop a Highly Trained Customer Experience Group (CXG)
Health Checks
ROI Reports
Minor Product Upselling
Lead Generation
Customer Query Resolution
Account Management
Directory Marketing Service (DMS) Sales Team
Directory Print & IYP sales force continue to follow campaign cycle with the exception of selling IYP when campaign is over
Sales force linked to Digital Specialist
Diretories Print & Online Sales Force
Seprate DMS Sales Force
Phase 3
Directory Sales
DMS Sales
Incubator Sales
Business Services
Multiple product Sales Channels
Sales Transformation
Phase 1
Phase 2
Post Sales CXG
CRM Tools
Perpetual Billing
In-house product dev
Predictive modeling
Business Development
Evaluate IT capabilities and needs
Most digital / technology companies do not outsource their products & services development
Develop in-house technology capabilties for CORE COMPETENCIES:
Develop in-house technology capabilties for NEEDED COMPETENCIES:
Content Management
IYP search
Product Fulfilment
Business Intelligence
Geo-location needs
API for product partnerships
Mobile App Development
Capability to develop non-directory products and services
Business Intelligence for Sales Effectiveness
Create a multi sales channel environment for selling diverse products to different customer in more create ways
Selling right product to the right customer the “first” time
Provides Sales with data to make the right decisions on how to take a new product to market
Customer Profiling
Advertiser Segmentation
Customer Behaviour &Trend Analysis
Why BI?
Streamlined Organizational Structure
The current structure is built around a 12 month book cycle
Driven-digital-sales organizational functions are outsourced - IT, Fulfilment, Product Development
End to End Business Unit Accountability and Process Effectiveness
Structure should be Business Unit Driven
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