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Do you speak english?

Simple present

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Transcript of Do you speak english?

Do you speak english? Conclusion And one more thing... is here Yes, I do DO YOU SPEAK FRENCH? No, I don`t. I like swimming what do you like? Because it is fun Why do you like swimming? When does Talia have classes? She HAS classes from Monday to Friday. She doesN'T HAVE have classes on Saturday nor Sunday Do you like watching TV? Yes, I do. But I don´t like TV shows. I often watch Discovery Channel. Do you have a bathtub? No, I don´t. I have a shower. Where do you live? Just kidding. I live in New York. Who do you call when you are alone? I call my best friend. Who do you live with? ME FATHER GRANDFATHER SISTER GRANDMOTHER MOTHER I live with my parents, my grandparents and my sister. Do you read? Yes, I do. How often do you read? I frequently read at night. What time does he get up? Does he brush his teeth? Does he take a shower? Does he get dressed? Does he go to the kitchen? Does he make his breakfast? What does he have for breakfast? What time does he have breakfast? What time does he go to work? After breakfast, where does he go? How does he go to school?
By bike? by car? by bus? by foot? by airplane Does he teach french? After school, does he have lunch? What does he have for lunch? How does he have lunch?
With a spoon or with chopsticks? Why does he have chinese food? What time does he go to home? Does he watch TV? What does he watch? Does he go to bed at 11:30? Watch the video and answer some questions :D we example Do you have any pets? Parrot Dogs Kitty Rabbit Mouse Chameleon Yes, I have a kitty, two dogs, a rabbit, a mouse, a parrot and a chameleon Exercises Rewrite the following sentences with your own information 1) I like rock.
2) I always get up at 6 A.M.
3) I seldom go where my grandmother.
4) I don't know how to cook.
5) I don't have any siblings.
6) I have a lot of pets.
7) I seldom go to the movies.
8) I don't like having breakfast.
9) I always take a bath at 07:15 A.M.
10) I always have lunch at 12:45 P.M. Does she have any tattoos? Yes, she does. In fact, She has many What does she do? She is a businesswoman. She makeS businesses Where does she get dressed? She getS dressed in her bedroom. When does she eat ice cream? She eatS ice cream when she is sad. How does she play the guitar? She playS very well. Why does she go to the doctor? She goES to the doctor because she is sick.
She doesN'T GO to the doctor when she is healthy. Exercise Write your mother's routine The question "What does she do" and "What is she doing" are totally different. What does she do every day? Watch the video and write what Malina does everyday. Guess who 1) She is from Barranquilla- Colombia.

2) She is 40 years old.

3) She is a famous actress and model.

4) She lives in Los Angeles California.

5) She works in Modern Family (her character is Gloria)

6) She has a son (his name is Manolo González)

7) Her birthday is on July 10th.

8) She has five brothers.

9) She speaks English with a Spanish accent.

10) She is tall, she has white skin, she has long brown hair, brown eyes and a beautiful smile. She is nice. Make questions and guess the character that the teacher is thinking. Look at the Sofia's information and make questions about them.
Verbs ending in O, S, X, CH, SH, H, Z you add ES. Example:

-Watch- she watchES T.V every day.

-Wash- she washES her clothes on Thursdays.

-Go- she goES to parties on Saturdays.

-Do- She doES her homework once a week.
When the verb ends with "y" and there is vowel before it, you add "s", if there is consonant before it, you omit the "y" and you add "ies".

-Play= She playS racquetball once a month.

-Cry= She crIES twice a year.

-Fly= She flIES by airplane three times a year.

-Study= She studIES at college RULES Singuenton gets up at 4 A.M every day. He works very hard at the bank because he wants a raise. Make questions for these answers We - They What do people do in the United States? What do colombians do? What do they have for breakfast? What do we have for breakfast? Cereal Chocolate, eggs, arepa Do they go to school? Do we go to school? How do they go to school? How about we? by bus by microbus And how about by foot? Who walks? How often do you go to school by foot? Do they have breakfast? Do we have breakfast? Do they take a shower or a bath? Do we take a shower or a bath? a shower a bath Do we sing in the shower? Do they sing in the bath? How often do you take a shower? Do they visit museums? Do we visit museums? How often do you visit museums? Do they read? Do we read? How often do you read? What do they play? what do we play? Soccer American soccer Tejo Skateboarding Lacrosse BMX Hockey Basketball Climbing What others sports do you know? Are they from Colombia or United States?
Other place? Where do they go? Where do we go? How many years do we study? How many years do they study?
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