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LEGO® Build to Express

No description

Heidi Neels

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of LEGO® Build to Express

The students then shared their build with the whole group.
LEGO® Math
Add one more number less than 10 to add to you build.
LEGO® BuildtoExpress
"Buildtoexpress" Purpose: The Lego buildtoexpress method is all about expressing oneself and listening to one another.
LEGO®BuildToExpress can be integrated into classroom activities as:
An icebreaker activity to help class members get to know one another.
An introductory activity for a new unit.
A diagnostic or formative assessment tool.
A brainstorming activity to generate ideas.
A comprehension activity to confirm student understanding.
A cool-down activity after a test or presentation.
LEGO® is an adjective, not a noun! (We say LEGO® bricks.)
LEGO® Facts
LEGO® bricks were first made in Denmark.
The LEGO® brand name should always be written in capital letters.
There are 915 million ways to combine 6 LEGO® bricks.
The BuildtoExpress core set contains a unique collection of 200 LEGO®elements that have been carefully selected to provide a broad spectrum of "ready-made metaphors" for student building. The specific assortment of bricks, props, and minifigures included in the set inspires learners.
There are (on average) 62 LEGO® bricks per person on the earth.
The BuildToExpress proess helps studens develop a wide array of skills such as:
Abstract thinking
Verbal communication
Time management
Active listening
1.OA.2 I can solve a word problem using three addends.
Write two numbers on their post it with a sum of 10.
Build a model that represents a story using those two numbers.
Given 5 minutes to build.
When timer goes off: "Hands up!"
Don't ask "why?"
Thank you for sharing.
What does this piece mean?
What is most important about your model?
How do the colors help explain your ideas?
If you could add something, what would it be?
Three peprl were eating. Seven tabrs were epey. Three perprl came and got a glass of wadr. How many tabrs are altogether?
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