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Contact Improvisation

No description

Keira Nightingale

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Contact Improvisation

Personal Experience Introductory sessions focusing on how our body feels when in contact with the floor
A sense of touch with another person through fingertips
Building confidence with 'giving weight' and trusting others
Exercises for Counter Balance
Attempts to be comfortable upside down and falling Choreographers Nancy Stark Smith
Lisa Nelson
Nita Little
Steve Paxton

Grand union
Judson Dance Theater Socio-historical Context
Started by Steve Paxton in 1972
Came out of a changing social society
Influenced by Rock n Roll and african-american Swing dance.
Beginning to investigate ways to increase spontenaity, imformality and collective action in dance works.
Stepped away from technique and focused more on the 'pedestrian' point of movement. What is Contact
Improvisation? Contact Improvisation It's history and key Choreographers Adkins, J. 1995 The Social Context of Contact Improvisation. Contact Connection No. 2. Contact Quarterly (Summer/Fall) United States.
Belec, D. 1997 Improvisation and Choreography Contact Quarterly 22:1 USA

Novak, C. 1990 Sharing the Dance. Wisconcin,US.



http://www.independantdance.co.uk/who/teacher.php?teacher_num=125 References
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